Nerds Gather at Galapagos Art Space

Take a peek at the coolest and nerdiest social gathering in town.

Nerds Gather at Galapagos Art Space
Speed dating for thinkers. [Photo Credit: Olivia Koski]

Matt Wasowski is on to something. He’s the boss of  NYC “Nerd Nite,” a monthly gathering where nerds can drink and be nerdy. Each month there’s a special line-up of nerd-friendly lectures. Anything goes, as long as it’s educational and fun.

On March 12, it was musings on the famous mathematical constant pi, the legal case for gay marriage, and a history of badass mathematicians. As usual, attendance was high.

There was even a speed dating event before the lectures got started, with 25 nerdy gals and the same number of guys hoping to find love. It’s an enormously popular portion of the evening, and despite its $25 price tag (lecture included), it sells out almost immediately.

The darling of the evening was the rapper “Dopest Nerd.” He wowed the audience with tales of messed up mathematicians, from the extremely prolific yet homeless and amphetamine-addicted Paul Erdos, to the tragic suicide of the father of computing, Alan Turing. He ended the event in style with a rap about the distance formula.

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