Science News for the Week of 5.31.10

Memory manipulation, the Falcon 9 rocket launch, and seabirds drowning in oil

Science News for the Week of 5.31.10
Brown pelicans mired in oil [Credit: Wikimedia]
By | Posted June 8, 2010
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Wired Science reports on a landmark case that excludes fMRI “brain scan” lie detection from a federal court case in Tennessee.

The Guardian asks for help identifying the hottest science blogs on the web.

What determines the price of a woman’s eggs? SAT scores, argues Slate.

Slate also has an eight part series on memory by William Saletan.

The New York Times reports on finding an objective test for attention disorders.

The largest genetic analysis of Jewish people to date finds Jews share strong genetic ties not just with one another but with Italians and Palestinians too.

SpaceX completes a successful first test launch of Falcon 9 rocket.

Did eating crocodile help boost early human brains? asks National Geographic.

Ed Yong of Not Exactly Rocket Science explains how mongoose pass on their shell-cracking traditions.

The Boston Globe/’s The Big Picture has a horrying but gripping photo essay on seabirds caught in the oil from the BP Oil Spill.

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