Smokeless in Seattle?

The legalization of marijuana is in the air for Washington State

Smokeless in Seattle?
Pot for peace? [Image Credit: Robert Thivierge via Flickr]

Maybe not for much longer. Would you vote in favor of legalized recreational marijuana? Washington state residents may be given the opportunity in this year’s election. Earlier this week four private donors gave $1.25 million dollars to something called initiative 502, which proposes to legalize the possession and use of marijuana up to an ounce, with the aim of taxing the bejeebers out of it.

If the initiative passes we might see state regulated pot stores and farms in the evergreen state. Seattle would basically be the Amsterdam of the U.S. – and more than half of Washingtonians are all for it – only 32 percent say nay, according to a statewide poll.  That’s greater support for a legal high than for gay marriage.


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