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Scienceline is a student-run online magazine published by the Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program (SHERP) in the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University. For more information, e-mail us. See below for our corrections and comments policies.

Scienceline’s writers and editors are unpaid but you can express support for them and their work by making a tax-deductible contribution to a university-administered SHERP scholarship fund, the proceeds of which are used solely to benefit future SHERP students via tuition-remission scholarships.

Scienceline Staff

Editor in Chief
Rebecca Harrington

Managing Editor
Lauren J. Young

Blog and Copy Editors
Katherine Ellen Foley  and Jennifer Hackett

Associate Editor/Creative Director 
Steph Yin

Section Editors
Environment: Shannon Hall
Life Science/Health:  Lydia Chain
Physical Science:  Hanneke Weitering

Multimedia Editor
Nicole J. Lou

Social Media Director
Chelsey B. Coombs

Special Projects Director
JoAnna Klein


Andrea Anderson, Molika Ashford, Kate BaggaleyLindsey Bewley, Ariel BleicherAllison Bond, Sabina Borza, Emma BryceJoey Castro, Jonathan ChangRachele Cooper, Susan Cosier, Rebecca CudmoreCiara Curtin, Caitlin Q. DavisAmanda DeMatto, Francie Diep, Kathryn DoyleEmily V. Driscoll, Shelley Dubois, Arielle Duhaime-RossMichael Glenn Easter, Emily Elert,  Rose EvelethSarah FechtRachel Feltman, Kristina Fiore, Joss Fong, Joanna Foster, Stuart Fox, Kathryn FreeCrystal Gammon, Laura GeggelRobert Goodier, Zach GottliebAndrew Grant, Bob GrantMary Beth Griggs, Lena GroegerMara Grunbaum, Ben GuarinoAdam T. Hadhazy, Karina HamalainenAndrew P. Han, Chelsea HarveyJustine Hausheer, Monica HegerWilliam HerkewitzKatie HilerJeremy Hsu, Christopher Intagliata, Brett IsraelSarah JacobyFerris Jabr, Roni JacobsonJessie Jiang, Frederik Joelving, Madeleine Johnson, Christine KellyAlyson KenwardAndrew Klein, Meredith KnightLindsey Konkel, Olivia Koski, Joshua A. KrischMiriam Kramer, Taylor Kubota, Alexa C. KurziusBen Leach, Julie Leibach, Dave Levitan, Sarah Lewin, Jillian Rose LimAlex LiuSusannah F. Locke, Rachel Mahan, Melissa Mahony, Douglas Main, Claire MaldarelliVirat Markandeya, Susan E. Matthews, Allison T. McCannJennifer Moser, Elizabeth NewbernHannah NewmanLily Hay Newman, Amy NordrumRachel NuwerEric R. Olson, Mike OrcuttErik Ortlip, Alexandra OssolaKatie Palmer, Neel V. PatelMorgen E. Peck, Katie PeekLynne Peeples, Natalie Peretsman, Kristin Elise Phillips, Genevra Pittman, Benjamin Plackett, Rachael Rettner, Sabrina RichardsCassie Rodenberg, Josh Romero, Valerie Ross, Anna Rothschild, Naveena SadasivamKaren Schrock, Peter Sergo, Kelly Slivka, Alison Snyder, Greg Soltis, Victoria Stern, Nick Stockton, Krystnell A. StorrCarina Storrs, Ashley TaylorAndrea Thompson, Katherine Tweed, Manasi VaidyaMadhu VenkataramananStephanie WarrenMolly Webster, Melinda Wenner, Erica Westly, Amber Williams, Kate YandellEdyta Zielinska

Faculty Advisor
Ivan Oransky, M.D.
Adjunct Associate Professor, New York University

Dan Fagin
Associate Professor, New York University
Director, SHERP

Corrections Policy
Here at Scienceline, we do our best to be accurate at all times. But after all, we’re only human, so once in a while we do screw up. Please contact us if you think we’ve made a mistake. We will correct serious factual errors in the body of the offending article and append a note explaining the change. Typos, punctuation errors, and misspellings will be corrected without notice.

Comments Policy
Due to an increase in spam, Scienceline will be screening comments before they are posted. Approved comments should appear within 48 hours. Inappropriate or offensive posts will not be tolerated.

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