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Episode 6: The Sound of Science

Listen to a round table discussion about the ethics of lie detector tests.

By | Posted July 30, 2007

Episode 5: The Sound of Science

What is causing dengue fever to spread? How scientists hope to develop an HIV vaccine. Why a ‘goldilocks’ planet is not ‘just right’ for life.

By | Posted July 2, 2007

Episode 4: The Sound of Science

What is salt pollution? Highlights from a recent stem cell meeting. New findings show the importance of bees.

By | Posted May 28, 2007

Episode 3: The Sound of Science

How is the tracking technology in passports used in other ways? Science is letting kids play with snow all year round. Ancient viruses lie dormant in frozen lakes.

By | Posted April 22, 2007

Episode 2: The Sound of Science

Why did Congress move daylight savings time? Sophisticated recording devices might be placed in our national parks. A teenage girl benefits from gastric bypass surgery.

By | Posted March 25, 2007

Our Podcast: The Sound of Science

Our Podcast: The Sound of Science

In episode one of The Sound of Science, find out how air bags relate to video games, which predator might dethrone polar bears as the top of the food chain in the Arctic, and how a dust cloud circumnavigates the globe.

By | Posted February 26, 2007