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Do the Chemistry Boogie

September 26, 2008

The economy is in a tail spin and the weather here in the Northeast today is wet, windy and miserable. Fortunately, today’s blog tidbit takes us to tropical climes and might make us all feel a little bit warmer:

Researchers at the University of Hawaii recently came up with a most unlikely combination–chemistry and boogie boarding. The scientists have engineered a small solar “reactor” into a boogie board, harnessing the sun’s energy to convert carbon-based molecules into different forms of Vitamin A.

The study authors write, “That such a very green approach to photochemical reactions could be carried out in a single surfing session, while using the Pacific Ocean as the heat sink, has added an obvious fun component to the photochemical project. ”

Totally, bro.

The authors are unclear about how the final product of the chemical reaction will actually be used. But we do know they are certainly going to have fun making it.

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