VIDEO: Trash Queens Episode 2: Compost Commitment Phobia

Testing the Trash Queens' limits on personal sustainability

January 11, 2017

Rachel Flood doesn’t produce trash. She reuses all her containers and composts her organic scraps at the Union Square Green Market. In our second video, you’ll hear more about Rachel and the lifestyles of the most committed composters out there. You’ll also better understand why some people are hesitant to go whole-hog on sustainability.

Video produced by Eleanor Cummins and Ellen Airhart


About the Author

Eleanor Cummins

Eleanor Cummins is a writer focusing on the intersection of science and culture. Trained in medical anthropology at the University of Washington, she has conducted research on a variety of topics including scientific misconduct in the context of evolutionary theory and adolescent health in the digital age. Her free time has been dedicated almost exclusively to newsrooms, including work as a staff reporter for the Tri-City Herald and an editor at The Daily of UW.

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