Taking it to eleven

Sounds like Science rounds up the coolest sound links this week

Taking it to eleven
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By | Posted November 10, 2011
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Since my list of “sound things to blog about” is only growing and never shrinking, I thought I’d start sharing some of my favorites with you all each week. Here are the coolest sound related stories I came across this week:

What did the rebel yell sound like? Smithsonian has a video. It’s amazing. “We can’t give you much, but we’ll give you what we’ve got left.”

A recent analysis of ancient beavers skulls suggests that they could have made some … weird, sounds. Too bad they don’t have a simulation.

Pirhanas might have a bark just as bad as their bite. Listen to their vocalizations over at National Geographic.

Researchers have discovered the secret behind the mighty lion and tiger roar. They’re squares. Or, their vocal cords are at least. Our very own Ritchie King reported on it for the New York Times, and I’ve got a little podcast over at Scientific American.

If you’re wondering what a computer from 1822 would have sounded like, you can hear it on this week’s Science Times podcast. Disregard the annoying voice please.

I am so happy that Nigel Tufnel Day exists – a holiday on 11/11/11 celebrating the Spinal Tap guitarist who’s amps went, that’s right, to 11. At NPR they’ve got a list of songs that make them want to turn things to 11. Which are your favorites?

Posted in: Social Science

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