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July 11, 2006
Here comes SCIENCELINE!!! [Kepler's supernova remnant. CREDIT: NASA]
Here comes SCIENCELINE!!! [Kepler's supernova remnant. CREDIT: NASA]

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Scienceline, the newest science news destination on the web. Here you’ll find a fresh perspective on the world of science, written by soon-to-be famous and wildly-successful science journalists. (We’ll probably be rich, too!)

So who are we, anyway? Well, there’s the simple answer: We’re grad students in NYU’s Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program. But who are we, anyway? We come from all over the world, we’ve studied everything from biology to music, physics to English. We’re a motley crew of writers and thinkers, artists and drinkers. We’re lovers of science – of knowledge – and most of all, we’re lovers of spreading that knowledge. Scienceline is our bullhorn – and it’s your direct line to the most fascinating stories on the web.

We’ll bring you original content: breaking news and in-depth features, about everything from local New York phenomena to worldwide issues. Profiles of scientists, environmental investigations, and even movie reviews. Anything that stirs our curiosity! Or yours – got a burning question? Drop us a line! Just click on “Ask Scienceline” on the homepage and tell us what you want to know. We’ll hop to it! Also be sure to visit our blog, where thoughtful rambling and interesting links abound. One thing is guaranteed – if it’s on Scienceline, it’s worth checking out.

So stay tuned. You’ll read about green architecture and urban coyotes. Bikers-turned-worm-farmers and a beach in the Meatpacking District. Tanning and manholes and rainbows, oh my! We promise to make Scienceline the most excellent adventure we possibly can – you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew.

And that’s the bottom line.

–Karen Schrock

About the Author

Karen Schrock

Once a helioseismology researcher, once a professional singer, once a neuroscience lab tech, and always a cheesehead.



Katherine Narr says:

Congratulations, site looks great. KLN

Sara Stevens says:

Congrats Karen! Always knew you would be famous and make something of yourself one day. Really proud of you and envey your hard work and dedication…Good for you! your fellow brownie and not to mention girlscout…Sara

Aunt Luz says:

Yo Karen!
Great website! As for the government’s spending on the space program, I agree that GW needs to get rid of the deficit first (which was put in the hole because of his defense-spending, of course!!)
Meanwhile, you sci-geeks have to do some serious discovery-work on why the Great Lakes have not recovered from their low-levels. There used to be a chronic seven-year cycle, which seems to have mysteriously abated. Could it be that some corporations are draining them for drinking-water profits across the world, or could it be that other states are siphoning it away, against the Great Lakes Basin protection-laws. Go to work, you science-‘Nancy Drews’ and ‘Hardy Boys’ and let me know what you find out. I’m in contact with Clean Water Action in Michigan, but I’m not sure they know the answer either. This serious problem was even addressed in the Shanghai Daily! Stay in touch…. Good luck, Karen!(et.al….)
–Aunt Luz–

Mieko says:

Killer sight! Love the format. It’s supa’ user friendly and the articles really catch your eye. Actually interested to keep up with the world of science now!!

parker says:

How exciting!! Good work Karen. This seems like a pretty cool idea. I can’t wait to check it out as it develops more.

Ma says:

Great site! Congrats to you serpies!
Looking forward to more issues…

Henny Jane says:

Now what a brilliant idea! Good luck, will visit your site very often.

Fantastic job Karen!!! Very well done and very impressive.
Looking forward to seeing more…

SFF says:

Really enjoyed the website. keep it up…

Emily says:

Congrats, Karen and all her fellow SERPies…the site looks wonderful! I can’t wait to learn all about all the fascinating things you’ll surely report on. :-D

Susan says:


This looks awesome! Congrats to you and your colleagues! I loved the overfishing article…keep ’em coming

Travis says:

first I wonder what would happen if I got the question wrong? But I looked at the sight and liked it, we’ll see what happens the future.

Ben Leach says:

Hey guys,


Ever since visiting last October, I’ve been excited about the possibilities of the SHERP program at NYU. Seeing something like this, where everyone in the class gets involved and works together, gets me even MORE excited! I can’t wait to collaborate on something like this!


mary wahr says:

Karen, Your Mom tipped off to your site. Looks great. Reminds me of NPR Science Friday. That’s a great thing! Good luck. Will be back often. Mary

Cathy says:

Congrats Karen and Dan and everyone else! The site looks great. I look forward to reading your stories and hearing more about what your class is up to.

Cathy Dold
Boulder, CO
SERP 6 or thereabouts

g-unit says:

This web site is very helpful in school projects very interesting. I have 3208908045 girlfriends and the kissing question really got me thinking.

moftah noorddeen says:

let us see more and more ,let me know great and great, THOSE WHOSE OFFER THE KNOWLDGE TO THE OTHERS , ACTUALY THEY OFFER THEM THE LIVE . be in progress, goodby.

Bego says:

Congrats,great web!
Hope to be there in a couple of years!
Greetings from Spain

Ezra Azra says:

Thursday 10 August 2023. Karen Schrock I am sorry that, for the first time today, I came upon your article on ‘Voice breaking glass’ (2005). I retired in 2004. For 46 years, I had taught Voice, for speech, and onstage Acting. In all those years, while all published voice texts claimed vocalists could break glass with voice at a certain pitch/ loudness, I found no published evidence of that. I found that unfounded claim in at least one famous Nobel prize physicist’s book. I would like to learn more from you about that Discovery Channel Mythbusters event in 2005. Please. Thank you. Ezra Azra.

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