Episode 2: The Sound of Science

Why did Congress move daylight savings time? Sophisticated recording devices might be placed in our national parks. A teenage girl benefits from gastric bypass surgery.

March 25, 2007

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Your piece about the National Park Service recording natural and man-made sounds was very intriguing. Do you have any further information? I checked your website (which led me to an interesting artcile on gunshots) and googled for recent news and didn’t find anything.
Keith McElveen

Jeremy says:

Thanks for your query about the story on the National Park Service monitoring system. The short podcast segment emerged as a spinoff from the gunshots article, since I had talked to an NPS researcher about the other applications of acoustics technology. While I don’t have a news story link to provide, you may find some of these background links useful:

NPS official site

News and links relating to NPS initiative

You may remember this New York Times piece, but I think the story of the ivory-billed woodpecker is a good example of acoustics technology applications in conservation.

NYTimes article

Cornell bioacoustics research

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