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Can your cell phone kill you?

December 21, 2007

It would surprise most people to learn that an exploding cell phone could pack enough of a wallop to kill them. A severe burn—maybe, but it’s hard to imagine an innocuous consumer item causing death.

Surprisingly enough, a South Korean man was recently thought to have died from a cell-phone inflicted injury. He was found dead at his workplace with a melted cell phone in his shirt pocket, according to

The news made some South Koreans fear for their lives, according to the Korea Herald, one of South Korea’s English-language newspapers.

However by Friday the matter was cleared up. It wasn’t the technology that had killed the man, it was a co-worker who had backed into him with a truck, reported the Korea Herald. He had made it intentionally look like the cellphone had killed the man to avoid prosecution.

We’re safe from our cellphones…for the moment.


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Liya says:


Liya says:

I love cellar devices! I have one! They are stellar! give me a what what!

Tom says:

What is Wallop? And what does survere mean????? sorry im so stupid! lol

john says:

lol how did that happen?

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