PODCAST: Bring oysters back into NYC’s waters

Meet educators who are teaching the younger generation about restoring oysters to New York Harbor

September 29, 2017
Oysters thrived in New York Harbor for 350 million years until humans came along, but they might have a chance to come back. At New York Harbor School, a wall showcased teachers’ and students’ paintings of oysters and other marine creatures. [Image credit: Cici Zhang]

New York City used to be the Big Oyster before it was the Big Apple. But pollution and overharvesting drove oysters to extinction in this area. Now high school students and community volunteers are bringing these bivalves back into the city’s waters. They believe that by helping oysters, they can also help New Yorkers to develop a closer relationship with nature. Scienceline’s Cici Zhang reports.

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Cici Zhang

Cici Zhang grew up in China and studied neuroscience at Swarthmore College and (for her M.S.) Washington University. While she came to America for endless possibilities, she’s still surprised her blogging could start a journey towards being a science journalist in NYC. Combining meeting people, traveling and her love for science and words, this career seems like a dream in reality. Cici enjoys Instagram, movies and beautiful things that satisfy her curiosity.

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