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How a band of renegades created New York's first community garden

By | Posted February 16, 2018
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Like many New Yorkers looking for a break from the fast-paced city life, Donald Loggins enjoys stopping by the Liz Christy Garden, a strip of tree- and shrub-lined paths that stretches along East Houston Street from Bowery to 2nd Avenue. But unlike many others, he is one of the garden’s founding members. In 1973, Loggins and a group of scofflaws, the “Green Guerrillas,” fought to establish the scrap of greenery in lower Manhattan. The fruits of their labor proved fertile, as the Liz Christy garden kicked off a community garden trend that would spread throughout New York and beyond.

Video produced by Charlie Wood, Emiliano Rodriguez Mega and Will Sullivan

Posted in: Video

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