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Emiliano Rodríguez Mega

Emiliano Rodríguez Mega

Emiliano Rodríguez Mega is a science journalist from Mexico City who covers Latin America and more. He likes to tell the stories of the people behind the science, those who are affected by it, and those who use it to manipulate us. His work has been published in the Associated Press, Scientific American, Undark, and the news sections of Science and Nature.

June 15, 2018

One astronomer thinks failed stars will help us understand the origins of celestial objects

April 18, 2018

The prescription of HIV-prevention pills has lagged, and negative biases towards patients could help explain why

March 13, 2018

How a band of renegades created New York's first community garden

March 5, 2018

Invasive species can be voracious jerks but we must find safer ways to eradicate them

January 31, 2018

Here's what the evidence actually says

December 9, 2017

Neglected by the health care system, many immigrants are finding relief in medicinal herbs

November 14, 2017

Genetics could make rodent control strategies more efficient

November 13, 2017

An amendment that gives a free pass to genetically modified crops causes legal turmoil

October 25, 2017

Pilot study finds shamanic drink promising, but scientists urge caution


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