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Jenaye Johnson

Jenaye Johnson

Jenaye Johnson is a freelance multimedia journalist who reports on the environment, community justice, sociocultural movements, urban development, and how creativity and science intertwine to provide powerful solutions. She is based on the East Coast and prioritizes using her reportage to shine a fresh perspective on marginalized voices and undercovered topics.

June 13, 2024

How a floating wetland in the middle of the Chicago River has put nature and cleaner water back on the map for city residents

January 26, 2024

Games that model the future can inspire hope and encourage creative minds to redefine solutions.

January 4, 2024

Plastic-eating enzymes in the guts of mealworms are one of many bug-centric ideas being studied, but environmentalists say it dodges the real solution: use less

October 4, 2023

Their development of tiny "quantum dot" particles revolutionized LED and QLED technologies


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