VIDEO: Urban Oasis

How a band of renegades created New York's first community garden

March 13, 2018
Liz Christy kicked off a community gardening trend with this urban oasis in 1973.

Like many New Yorkers looking for a break from the fast-paced city life, Donald Loggins enjoys stopping by the Liz Christy Garden, a strip of tree- and shrub-lined paths that stretches along East Houston Street from Bowery to 2nd Avenue. But unlike many others, he is one of the garden’s founding members. In 1973, Loggins and a group of scofflaws, the “Green Guerrillas,” fought to establish the scrap of greenery in lower Manhattan. The fruits of their labor proved fertile, as the Liz Christy garden kicked off a community garden trend that would spread throughout New York and beyond.

Video produced by Charlie Wood, Emiliano Rodriguez Mega and Will Sullivan

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Emiliano Rodríguez Mega

Emiliano Rodríguez Mega is a science journalist from Mexico City who covers Latin America and more. He likes to tell the stories of the people behind the science, those who are affected by it, and those who use it to manipulate us. His work has been published in the Associated Press, Scientific American, Undark, and the news sections of Science and Nature.


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