Author: Sarah Lewin

Sarah Lewin enjoys explaining things. She recently graduated from Brown University with an A.B. in mathematics. Her achievements, aside from winning a Pokemon tournament in second grade, center generally around explaining math and science with WGBH's NOVA, Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Boston Children's Hospital's Vector research blog as well as through assorted freelance work. Look her up at Sarah Explains.

VIDEO: Old maps, new directions

VIDEO: Old maps, new directions

NYPL Labs is bringing the library’s vast collections into the digital, shareable age

By Sarah Lewin and Krystnell A. Storr | Posted September 29, 2014

'SAVE ENERGY! How would you like it if someone turned you on and then left?'

The Ultimate Environmental Challenge

If you want people to conserve, you’re going to have to convince…me

By Sarah Lewin | Posted July 31, 2014

Thinking machines?

Thinking machines?

The Turing test doesn’t measure a computer’s intelligence, but it does say something about its usefulness — here’s how.

By Sarah Lewin | Posted June 13, 2014

Struggling with a weather balloon on the prow of a ship

Written in the clouds

Ernie Lewis uses MAGIC to help predict climate change

By Sarah Lewin | Posted April 25, 2014

A face to remember

A face to remember

MIT researchers’ feature tuning algorithm can make your profile photo more memorable

By Sarah Lewin | Posted April 17, 2014

VIDEO: Close up on Fly's Eye photography

VIDEO: Close up on Fly’s Eye photography

Artist M. Henry Jones turns lenses and lighting into 3D portraits that really pop

By Sarah Lewin and Joshua A. Krisch | Posted February 28, 2014

INFOGRAPHIC: A planet-hunter's guide to the galaxy

INFOGRAPHIC: A planet-hunter’s guide to the galaxy

How to find, characterize and understand planets from light years away

By Sarah Lewin | Posted February 26, 2014

Science and art collide in space images

Science and art collide in space images

What are we really seeing when we look at photos of planets and stars?

By Sarah Lewin | Posted February 21, 2014

On the ground: Florida's extraordinary mangroves

On the ground: Florida’s extraordinary mangroves

‘Walking trees’ guard the shores of Florida and thrive in the salty water

By Sarah Lewin | Posted January 19, 2014

Expecting the unexpected in space

Expecting the unexpected in space

NASA has a long history of repurposing old missions that finished or went wrong and ending up with great science

By Sarah Lewin | Posted December 16, 2013

Our sleeping sun

Our sleeping sun

Scientists wonder what’s in store as sun activity lingers at lowest in over a century

By Sarah Lewin | Posted December 2, 2013

Will Comet ISON survive?

Will Comet ISON survive?

Tiny ice ball meets giant fireball

By Sarah Lewin | Posted November 27, 2013

A light touch

A light touch

New twist on microscopic technique lets users feel the forces pressing in on particles

By Sarah Lewin | Posted October 17, 2013