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INFOGRAPHIC: Space — Your next holiday destination?

Here’s a look at what’s on offer

February 21, 2016
If you've always dreamed of traveling to space, tickets on are now on sale. [Image credit: NASA]

A journey into space used to be something only astronauts could boast about. But with several private companies venturing into commercial space travel, a ticket to the stars could become a reality within the next five years.

Click on the infographic below to explore the options that are close to launching (click to zoom).

Space tourism is more science than fiction these days

[Image credits: Jeff Foust | CC BY 2.0; William Murphy | CC BY-SA 2.0; with permission from World View Enterprises]

Correction, March 6, 2016. The following error has been corrected from the originally published version of this story: 

Alan Stern is the chief scientist of World View Enterprises, not a founder. 

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Space tourism is the next frontier

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