VIDEO: Beekeeping in an urban jungle

Feeding bees in New York City

March 29, 2016
These New York City bees maneuver busy streets and neighborhood politics to thrive in the city. [Image credit: Dyani Sabin]

Beekeeping in New York City has its special challenges. Margot Dorn, a beekeeper in Brooklyn, thinks about where to place her hives so the bees can find the flowers they need to eat and make honey. Occasionally, she has to smooth things over with the neighbors. Living in the city changes some parts of bee life, but the honey is just as sweet.

Produced by Dyani Sabin and Ellie Kincaid

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Dyani Sabin

Dyani Sabin spent her undergraduate career at Oberlin College chasing crayfish through streams, stage-managing musicals, and reading Russian literature. Upon graduating with her biology degree in 2014, she stalled going into research and became the evening supervisor at a library instead. There, she discovered science journalism, and fell in love with exploring the relationship between science and people. Thrilled to be a SHERPie, she loves horseback riding, exclaiming about cool birds, and knitting.


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Rob Bowden says:

Has anyone completed a toxicology report on honey from urban bees? It will be interesting to find out if lead is present in dangerous levels in this honey.

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