PODCAST: Near-death experiences

Scienceline examines the state of being between life and death

PODCAST: Near-death experiences
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By | Posted April 12, 2016
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Near-death experiences are intriguing, and also more common than you might think — as many as 1 in every 20 people have found themselves in limbo between life and death. Who has these experiences? What happens during such an event? And what happens after? Here, we talk to experts and people who have been to the other side and back.

Posted in: Audio, Social Science

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  1. You tend to appreciate life more

    Joyce, June 18, 2016 at 4:42 am
  2. Podcast: Near-Death experiences by Sandy Ong is very interested to hear the people that she interview and listen to their experiences makes one know that many people have had near-death experences; something many do not talk about in the open to the world. I believe their coming back to share their experiences let us know that their is a place we do go after we die. Their choosing to return to earth life could not be an easy decision but agree that those who do return to earth for a reason. Yes, there are so many things that science cannot prove yet a being of the unknown is there that place of beauty many say having near-death experience is real for those who have experienced it. Thank you for sharing your near-death experience for it makes me believe this is a place after death.

    Kay Lue, October 24, 2016 at 11:04 am
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