How does lethal injection work?

- asks Jim from Ohio

November 12, 2007

The U.S. Supreme Court is now closely assessing the answer to this question as they consider the constitutionality of a method of execution that’s used in all but one of 38 death penalty states.

Execution by lethal injection has largely replaced other forms of capital punishment, such as electrocution and the cyanide gas chamber, because it is seen as a more humane way of ending a life. Constitutional law states that capital punishment is only acceptable if it doesn’t violate the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment. A person shouldn’t be aware of or able to sense any pain during the procedure. Lethal injection is thought to adhere to this policy because an initial drug is used to induce a state of unconsciousness where pain can no longer be registered. For the person being executed, subsequent injections that rapidly stop their breathing and heartbeat should occur without their sensing it.

According to the Death Penalty Information Center in Washington D.C., the protocol for lethal injection in most states involves a sequence of three shots that are delivered via intravenous drips inserted in each arm.

The first of the three injections is an anesthetic, sodium thiopental, which is a fast-acting barbiturate that depresses the activity of the central nervous system. This initial shot doesn’t serve as an analgesic (pain killer) that numbs pain nerves, but instead rapidly puts a person into a state of unconsciousness that’s theoretically deep enough to make pain undetectable. The drug amplifies the effect of GABA, a neurotransmitter that depresses brain activity, while also blocking the actions of an excitatory brain receptor, AMPA, which acts in many parts of the brain. The state of unconsciousness can be reached in as little as 30 seconds. A single dose of this anesthetic is intended to last throughout the last two injections to prevent any pain during the moments leading up to death (pronounced after the heart stops beating for a certain amount of time).

After the initial injection, the intravenous line is quickly flushed with saline, a neutral substance commonly used to push a drug into the bloodstream more quickly. Subsequently, pancuronium bromide is administered. It acts as a neuromuscular blocker, preventing a nerve messenger, acetylcholine, from communicating with muscles. The result is a complete muscle paralysis, which causes respiratory arrest since the diaphragm—a muscle imperative to pulling air into the lungs—stops working.

Following another saline flush is the final injection, potassium chloride. This last dosage of chemical floods the heart with charged particles that interrupt its electrical signaling, stopping it from beating. According to a 2002 study in the Journal of Forensic Science, the average length of time from the first injection to death is 8.4 minutes.

The dosage of each drug administered in lethal injection is supposed to be redundant, which means that the amount of chemical contained in each shot is lethal. For example, during surgeries, patients are normally given 100 to 150 milligrams (mg) of sodium thiopental, the initial anesthetic used in capital punishment, over a period of 10 to 15 minutes – while up to 5,000 mg are provided during executions. For pancuronium bromide, 40 to 100 micrograms per kilogram of body weight is normally given pre-operatively (to aid intubation) while a thousand times that amount is used for execution. When all three injections are used in executions, the aim is to put the person into a state of total unconsciousness before they die from a mix of respiratory and cardiac arrest.

Not only that, to ensure that the first injection reliably maintains a sedated state during the entire execution, an effective amount must constantly be in the blood system to prevent any chance of regaining awareness and, in turn, suffering, according to a study published this year in Public Library of Science Medicine. This is especially important when a person being executed could potentially be in a state that incapacitates them from physically showing discomfort while still experiencing it nonetheless. (See an article concerning the controversy over one Florida case in the St. Petersburg Times.)

Improper delivery of the anesthetic, either because an insufficient amount is administered or the IV is misplaced in the arm, is one of many aspects of lethal injections that poses a challenge to its public acceptance.

Researchers also have debated lethal injection. According to a 2005 letter in The Lancet, which looked at post-mortem toxicology reports of executions carried out in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, the blood concentrations of thiopental were low enough that 21 out of 49 executions (43 percent) had concentrations that allowed for a regaining of awareness.

This finding was disputed in the same issue by Jonathan Groner, its also gets quickly absorbed into fat and muscle tissue—even after death. When considering this and the manner in which the anesthetic is delivered (a ‘bolus’ injection of a high quantity, all at once) post-mortem blood samples cannot be a reliable measure of the amount of sodium thiopental that was circulating in the blood.

Another controversial aspect of lethal drug administration is that health professionals are not present during the procedure. Currently, doctors and nurses in the United States are banned by their professional organizations from participating in executions.

The reliability of painless lethal injection procedures will come up when the Supreme Court hears the constitutional challenges specific to the three-chemical protocol. This case, which will be argued early next year and should be decided by early next summer, is in response to an appeal by two Kentucky death row inmates who challenged the execution process. Their argument is based on the belief that the injection of the three-chemical cocktail inflicts unnecessary pain and suffering that could be avoided.

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Maria says:

You can say don’t kill the killers all you want until you have your family member kidnapped, raped shot in the head and left in the woods for 5 days, a young mother of 2 small children whose only crime was to walk out of the grocery store at the wrong time…then you don’t know the answer. 2 animals brutally raped and torchered her then killed her and had no regard for her or for what the punishment would be. I say kill them and lets not wait any more time. Richard Eugene Hamilton and Anthony Floyd Wainwright deserve NOTHING less than death for what they did and I cannot wait to witness the exections of both of them and I woun’t even think twice about laudhing at them as they go!!

jed says:

After reading all of the comments on this site regarding execution in the USof A I am of the conclusion that many of the contributers are vigelanties, members of the KKK, or people that are simply the hang them high brigade. I applaud those who display the rational & logical view points. I worked with a guy, a national guardsman (called up for service in Afghanistan, who was employed as a corrections officer in the states, during his many boasting & bragging sessions when both himself & his fellow yanks were having boasting sessions, he revieled to us british troops( trying to inpress special forces guys) that many wardens insisted that “dead men walking” as he referreed were given next to no sedation whatsoever prior to “being fried” as the idiot called it…he & his sadistic little bully boy fellow screws would take bets on how long it would take for the DMW to die & if they would struggle, (how utterly pathetic) he insisted that as long as the cops thought that the person was guilty, they were guilty, he admitted that three people in his state were later found to be not guilty in his state, however the police were found to have been corrupt in gathering the so called evidance which in effect led to the MURDER of the death row inmates. It is perhaps little wonder that people of his ilk (screws & bent cops , are regarded with disgust by the rest of the world.) as regards taking lives, yes, I am a soldier, However I have only taken life when I needed to protect someone elses, not as with wardens & cops for the FUN of it.

Connor says:

hunter from post 45 ur wrong noob it costs more for the government to put people to death than it would be to hold them for their lifespan.

Maria says:

It cost $72 per day to keep each death row inmate alive in the state of Florida, in the case of these 2 animals, Anthony Floyd Wainwright and Richard Eugene Hamilton that brutally murdered my sister, the state has wasted over a half million dollars over the past 15 years keeping them alive until their well deserved executions BIG waste of money our family would have gladly taken them both out without a second thought and saved the money to feed and house them I don’t really care if it cost more to kill them or not as long as they die and I will be witness to it. Noone deserved the horror that was delt to my sister at the hands of these 2 codefendents she never had a chance against them and they should get more than what is coming to them!!!! To any one on the soap box of saving ang trying to reform cold blooded killers…F – OFF you don’t know what it feels like to have the most delicate flower, the light of your family terrorized then murdered she was a mother, a sister a wife a friend and now she is gone…..Death penalty…ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Can’t wait to be one of the last faces they see before they face their final judgement!!!!

Amanda says:

Lethal Injection is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of I think they should have to feel what is coming to them I am sure while they were Torchering there Victims they did’nt think of the humanest way possible to do it.. I am sure they did’nt think of a way that they would’nt feel no pain as they were killing there Victim. I think they should have to feel every pain. But no cause they dont want the murder to feel any pain. That just retarted… And I dont see why it takes so long for the people on death row to get what they deserve I think when they are found guility and are sentenced to death then they next week they should have to die a long horrific death not 20 or 30 or 40 years later if they dont die first in there cell..

Eddard says:

I see that no one in favor of the death penalty wishs to talk about the dozens
of innocent people killed by the death penatly in texas alone how do u explain to there famliys that there was a mistake “oh were very sorry i guess it turns out he wasn’t guilty after all my bad but no takesies backsies” i guess that would be good enough for me…..NOT

Capital Punishment Approved says:

First of all, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time! Second of all, why should we, the tax payers, pay for a person who broke the law to live in prison for the rest of their life? Our prisons and jails are over-crowded as it is. Have you taken a look at how many prisoners are repeat offenders? It’s out of control. That also is tax payers money flushed down the john. I’m fortunate enough to say that I have never had a loved one murdered so my opinion is not biased. My heart goes out to all families and victims who have suffered a great deal do to another person harming or even killing them. People are so quick to flap their gums about capital punishment being inhumane, but what about the acts of violence committed on those victims by the perpetrator? That’s not inhumane? That’s the problem with this country these days is that you don’t have to be responsible for your own actions anymore. This is why the crime rate is at a climbing high! You get caught stealing chop off a hand, you get caught raping chop off… well you know. I bet that if we had harsher punishments that people would think twice before commiting a crime. Our system of punishment is a joke! You get a place to sleep, 3 meals a day, cable T.V., basketball courts that are in better shape than our neighborhood parks, weight equipment, visits at least twice a week, phone calls at the expense of the receiver not the caller, and most likely a whole new crowd of friends to cut up and hang out with. Hmmmm now does that sound like punishment to you? If you say yes than you truely are an idiot. Our country has bigger and better issues to focus their attention on than feeling pitty for a law breaking nuisance to society! Sorry but they can all burn in hell for all I care. They were man/woman enough to kill or rape, now they can be man/woman enough to accept the consequences!

Kelby says:

First of all, it cost more to have some one on death row then to keep them in jail for life. This is because they have to go threw more courts so that an innocent man doesnt die but there has been hundreds of innocent people killed from the death penalty. I think if you do the crime you should do the time but if they can’t find the really criminal they should not make one. Who should we really punish? All of the people on death row were abbuse as a child. Should we then punish there parents? Some people way say they can think for themselves but studies show that everyone who has been convicted of murder has had wrong connections in there brain. If these people had a loving family and a good child hood the chances of them becoming killers is reduced drastically. Us as citizens need to get our priorities strait. Movie stars and famis athiletes get paid way more then our police officers or child abuse help centers. Is this right? If we put the important things first we might not even need the death penalty.
~against capital punishment
P.S. Not all states use leathal injection or the propper leathal injection so the criminal may be in pain for over 7 minutes and that is against the 8th amenment (no cruel or unusual punishment)

Capital Punishment Approved says:

I feel that there needs to be consequences for all acts. Acts that are minor should require minor consequences, and acts that are severe should require severe consequences. People who are against capital punishment fail to realize the lack of punishment in our system. An inmate at either a jail or prison is housed with a bed, 3 meals a day, cable television, basketball courts that are in better shape than those that exist in our neighborhoods, weight equipment, commissary, unlimited phone calls at the receivers expense (not the inmate), granted at least two visits a day from friends or family, cheaper medical attention that the majority ends up being paid for with tax dollars, and the luxury of not having to pay taxes throughout their incarceration. This to me does not sound like punishment. In 2002 the total cost to house an inmate was $80.83 per day (Jeffrey A. Beard, Ph.D., Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, March 2003). This totals $28,452.16 a year just for one inmate. Beard also states the following: In 2000-2001 the total cost to house an inmate was $78.79 and $80.83 in 2001-2002 (a $2.04 increase (2.6%), food cost in 2000-2001 was $5.25 a day per inmate and $5.40 in 2001-2002 (a $0.15 increase (2.8%), the total cost of health in 2000-2001 was $10.44 and $10.87 in 2001-2002 (a $0.43 increase (4.2%). This proves that the cost of caring, housing, and feeding inmates is increasing dramatically. This does not include monies spent on staffing or upkeep of the jails/prisons. Beard stated that the Department of Corrections requested a 9.1% budget increase. Giving someone a life sentence as opposed to the death penalty is costing too much of the tax payers money.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics states that 56% of violent felons are repeat offenders. This proves that our legal system is not working hard enough to keep people law abiding citizens. If we do not make punishment harsher, this number will continue to increase. We need to crack down the gavel and show people that crime doesn’t pay, nor should the tax payers have to pay for those crimes committed. Capital punishment is a way of scaring people to do the right thing. Scaring someone to do the right thing may seem unethical, but at least more lives would be saved if less murderers existed.

Capital punishment is needed to maintain a sense of balance in justice. Some claim the death sentence is inhumane. But what about the manner that this perpetrator committed murder, is that not inhumane? Even committing rape can result in the victim having life long depression, anxiety, low self esteem, suicidal thoughts, suicidal attempts, and not too mention any physical harm done. What about the possibility of the victim contracting HIV or hepatitis? This person must now live with a life threatening disease for the rest of their life.

Our jails and prisons are already over crowded and understaffed. Too much of the tax payers dollars are being spent for convicts to remain inmates in a jail rather than be sentenced to the death penalty. If the consequences for breaking the law were increased than the percentage of people who would have to be sentenced to the death penalty would decrease. People would be too afraid to break the law. But as long as we allow people to NOT take responsibilities for their own actions, law breakers will know that they have a chance at beating the system.

As far as these death row inmates coming from a bad home, come on we’ve got to stop making excuses. There is help out there they could’ve seeked. If a person is that unstable, than that means they are unpredictable. This leaves society wondering if they will kill again. Everyone has their own sob story to tell. It’s up to you, the individual, to change and better your life, not be a product of your own environment. If your child was killed would it really matter what kind of childhood the killer had? No, this would have no affect nor would it make it easier saying good bye to your childs lifeless body laying in a casket.

Marley says:

I honestly dont know how I feel about capital punishment. I can whole heartedly sympathize with the people who suufer mosty from the hands of a murderer. I too have lost someone very dear to me at the hands of a murderer with a gun. There are few things in this world that hurt more thank loosing a parent. I would assume it comes second only to loosing a child. But I keep hearing people speak of the Bible to justify capital punishment. Christians, who really practice Christianity, can in no way do that. Yes the Bible says an eye for an eye, but “Vengeance is Mine” said the Lord. For the battle is not yours, its the Lords. No one in this world can smite a person or avenge another like the one who created us all. So on one hand my flesh, my human self may want to seek revenge and “justice” myself and I understand those feelings, I’ve been there. But I know whats right. As hard as it may be to understand, we CANNOT take the place of God. And when you try, it only adds confusion. I’m not knocking anyones viewor opinion.This is obviously a very personal serious subject. But if I can leave you all with anything, again ….. “Vengeance is Mine”, said the Lord.

HAUS says:

Kill these no good for nothing bstrds the same ay they killed their victims! Wake the F+CK UP PEOPLE!

James says:

Most states chose to use the more “humane” forms of execution. I don’t believe there is any true “humane” way to kill another. Do one thing and call it another. That is all execution is. Some states allow the one who is being executed to chose the way in which they want to leave this world. Firing squads, electric chair, gas, etc… It should be up to the family of the victims if a person should be put to death. Many believe in “eye for and eye”, is that humane? Our country was founded on violent acts and murder. How can we sit here and criticize our country’s doings now?

Michael says:

I work with a woman whose 13 year old son was sexually molested by her grown adult male neighbor. The neighbor was charged with the crime. One day before the neighbor’s trial, the woman’s husband was walking across his lawn to his car, to go to work. The neighbor was waiting hid in the nearby woods with a high powered hunting rifle. The woman’s husband was shot and killed on the spot. The woman’s father lived across the street, heard the commotion and ran to help is son in law. As the father approached his son in law, he too was shot and lost his arm. In a few minutes a deputy sheriff came on the scene and he too was shot, but had on a bullet proof vest and was only slightly wounded.

So here you have a child molester, who murdered one neighbor, perminately disabled another neighbor and shot a police officer! This was pure and simple premeditated murder. This neighbor had terrorized his fellow neighbors for years with threats and they lived in fear, because the law could do nothing until it was too late.

I agree with the scripture that No. 35 posted from Leviticus 24: 21; And he that killeth a beast, he shall restore it: and he that killeth a man, he shall be put to death.

This is a true story and the murder will be coming to trial soon. This was a sad tragic event and this murderer will receive the proper punishment. You see I live in Virginia, where murders receive the verdict of Leviticus 24: 21. I have seen the enormous pain of this good family and all I can say is let the IV begin.

Gabby says:

I kind of have 2 different opinions on the death panalty. First of all, lethal injection iis total BS! Why should the killer or rapist, or whatever he may be, be put to a PAINLESS death?! They conflicted torture and pain on soooooo many innocent victims. They should at least have to suffer. However, the death penalty is also like an easy way of getting out of their crime. A life sentence in jail would b just as good. Except the jails need to be more strict. Like…. No food for 2 days.. (they can survive)…they also need to be put in a 5 square foot room with NOTHING but a toilet. That’s all. Then they can sit in the cell for the rest of their lives and think about their crime they committed. Also, I don’t beleive in parol. Once a crimnal, ALWAYS a criminal! Well… There’s my thoughts about this.

Adam says:

In regards to anyone discussing the firing squad, it is considered cruel and unusual punishment to look down the barrel of the gun knowing that you are going to die. However in Utah death row inmates can choose death by firing squad as opposed to lethal injection.
In regards to lethal injection, often is the case that the general anesthetic does not work which causes the inmate to feel severe pain and distress before death.
Lastly, according to a study done by the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC), only 47% of people are willing to keep the death penalty if there would be a sentence of life in prison without a chance of parole.

MariaFAILS says:

I’m American, but gladly I do not live in that piece of shit country. Listening to you pro-DP fucks, I am reminded of why the rest of the world thinks America is retarded. Look at wikipedia as to what countries still practice capital punishment…it would be AMERICA and hey, what do you know, all little shit 3rd world countries. I don’t get how someone can quote the bible as if they are religious, yet be pro-DP…it makes no sense. How could watching someone DIE possibly bring you peace and/or happiness? It doesn’t change anything.

I personally would rather die than spend my life in an American prison. I can assure you doing so is FAR worse than any form of execution. So then, all of you idiots gung-ho on vengeance would rather give the inmate the easy way out? If all you have to argue against that point is the cost of keeping them alive, you are truly fucking retarded. If you extremist right-winged, textbook conservative agenda prats would take a look at what it’s cost America to fight two UNJUST wars over the past 8 years(coming up on ONE TRILLION DOLLARS), I think you would take your bitching elsewhere. Taxes wouldn’t change regardless. There is also no proof capital punishment causes/caused the crime rate to lower; that is a load of stinky, heaping bullshit. If anything, it has gone up.

Why is everyone so fucking cynical? Perhaps it would be correct to say SOME people cannot change, but some people CAN certainly change with the right methods of rehabilitation. America’s justice system is too strict, giving criminals a “nothing to lose” mentality. I mean, you’re going to get 30 years for robbing a bank, you may as well try to eliminate any witnesses.

Graham says:

I personally think the death penalty is wrong. That murderer no matter what he has done is still someones son,father,uncle or cousin how would you feel if someone that had something wrong with them was just taken away from you.Also I think it is incredibly wrong for another human to decide whether or not one should die. I agree with the people who said the offender should sit in a cold hard damp cell for the rest of there lives with nothing else to think about apartt from what they have done.We are also treating prisoners like royalty there life is pretty much the same as before they have food and a tv work degrees and everything a normal person has except its allfor free WE THE TAX PAYER ARE PAYING FOR THERE LIFE.I imagine some people even try to get into jail because life in there would be bbetter for them this in my opinion is wrong

Graham says:

an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

BayMay says:

I believe the lethal injestion is appropriate because you’re taking away someones life!! You should be severly punshed! I cannot type anymore because i’m at school and could get in trouble.

Fisher says:

I, personally, am for capital punishment. If you kill someone, why gives you the right to live? You took a life from so one even though you already had a life of your own to live. Now that is just mean and greedy. Because you were selfish and you took someone else’s life, you don’t get to keep yours. (but thats just my opinion) I honestly believe that there is no right or wrong way to view the death penalty. I think it is strictly a matter of opinion. Maybe 25 states should have capital punishment and 25 shouldn’t, it would make everything even and fair…and hey, if you want to commit murder and spend 12 years in prison you can do it in a penalty free state, but if you feel like dying, go ahead and have fun where punishment will be capital.

Kristen says:

Everyone on this forum who thinks that lethal injection to a murderer is inhumane, needs to get some sense knocked into them. Anyone who violently takes a life, should be punished by death. Everyone in the world knows that murder is punishable by death; therefore the murderers made their own choice when they decided it was their duty to take another persons life. It honestly makes me angry that those convicted get the chance to sit on death row for years and years because the process of execution is so damn slow. My personal opinion is that when the judge slams the hammer with the verdict of punishment by death, the convict should then have a few moments to say goodbye to their family and loved ones, and then taken in the back to be shot. Bullets are so much cheaper than lethal injection AND it would handle the problem right then and there instead of being drug out for endless periods of time. :)

janny steven says:

im for it completely!!:) of course i feel srry for da ppl but the did wat the did they daserve it!!:(

janny steven says:


janny steven says:

lol txt me @ 361-688-1010

haus #61 is right says:

number 61 and one way before that mentioning finding out the exact way they killed their victim and killing them thaat way is a much better idea…… just saying F*** them up! after all they deserve it

TONY says:


Janie says:

I think it’s a waste of man power. Why aren’t we putting these healthy capable beings to good use. Digging water Put them to work, the family of the victim can choose the charity of organization they want improved by the assailants work term. This is all just a waste of time and man power–get something worthwhile out of thise, put them to work and then maybe they will in a sense pay back their debt to society. If youre all for killing them then you should be all for eating them as well, who knows how many starving people we could help with our pentitentiary “mystery meat”. Might seem inhuman,but I think its worse to kill someone because youre afraid of them and then just let them rot.

Janie says:

Also if all murder is punishable by death then how do we justify our soldiers. Wrongful convictions? The fallibility of man? Killing someone is just an easy way of getting rid of an inconvenience. Justice takes a backseat to laziness in this way.

give them another chance. Lets put it this way. If u were a criminal that commited murder, wud u lik to die, or get another chance to acually stop and go to therapy?someone tell me dat!

Zachary says:

We cannot execute people for murder of a few people, because we run to much of a risk of killing someone innocent. But, we can execute people for genocide and mass murder, becuase it would be obvious they were responsible. What we can do for people who murdered a few people is put them in exreme hi max cells. Where they will have to stay in the same room for weeks, only to be taken out for occasional walks.

TONY says:


TONY says:


Devin says:

Not to mention…
Death penalty costs approximately 20 million dollars per conviction.
That’s alot of money.
Life imprisonment is about a million on average.
And government money goes to better causes (like healthcare, and infrastructure)
therefore I don’t support the death penalty.
Plus the immorality I see in taking a life.
So what? They killed someone. lock them away so they can’t do it again. Revenge makes you no better.
You have to take the logical view of economics, because It’s cheaper to keep prisoners rather than execute. If we rely on our emotions and hatred, we’ll fall apart…
I’m glad to live in a country without the death penalty. Cuz I think there’s alot of corruption in the world. And being falsely accused would suck.

And… Tony…

Capitolized >_>
Credibility out the window

maryanne says:

For some of the confused people quoting the Bible i want to clear up “an eye for an eye” “If you live by the law you must die by the law”. Let me elaborate, In the old testament God gave us laws because we asked for them hence moses and the ten commandments, when we broke a law there were certain things we had to do to make ammends such as sacrifice animals. We continued to fail to keep Gods laws so he sent the ultimate sacrifice to make ammends for our Sins(crimes)that is Jesus Christ. He died so we are forgiven our sins(crimes)if we believe in him and are born again(meaning made new/given a fresh start). Now that the old law of the old testemant is finished and we are now to live our new life we can forgive people like God has forgiven us! It says how you judge someone is now how you will be judged. We need to remember we have been forgiven for all our sins(crimes) in Gods eyes so we should be forgiving.I am sickened by evil crimes of course and they shatter and break my heart. I believe God is our Judge and its not our place to take a God given life. Put them away teach them daily the love of God keep them locked up and teach them about love till the day they die. Love is the answer and “God is love”. God said “the greatest commandment is love” he said “above all love one another”.
Soften your hearts so God can use you and change the world.

maryanne says:

Tony, u have a lot of anger. Let go of your hurts as they only hurt you. You can let go. You have permission to let go of all the hurt and be released and free. There are many things in life that are injust but placing yourself in the position of judge is dangerous. Humble yourself and know we are all flawed and we all need mercy even the most wicked of men. Peace

maryanne says:

God what happened to Love?

I’m not sure what my standing is on Capitol Punishment. It’s just so controversial. I’ve never had a loved one raped, or murdered, Praise the Lord. So, I don’t know how I would actually feel in a situation such as that. What I do know is that Murder is a sin. It’s one of God’s commandments. God wants us to live by HIS laws, i.e. “The Ten Commandments”. But HE also wants us to live by the laws of the land, and I strongly believe in this. But an eye for an eye, I just can’t seem to grasp. I know it’s biblical, but that’s the Old Testiment times. God knew that we needed a new covenant and that’s why HE sent Jesus. After Jesus came, died a horrible death on the cross, and then rose on that third glorious day; God made a new covenant with us, HIS children. So, I guess what I’m saying is that convicted felons that have been sentenced to death should get life without ANY chance of parole whatsoever. Killing them won’t fix things and bring back our loved ones. In my opinion, it’s just another senseless murder. Two wrongs definitely don’t make a right. And that I believe is how God wants us to think and live, as Christians, and be HIS witnesses in this sometimes senseless world we live in. We just have to make the best of things and thank God for the blessings that HE does give to us on a daily basis.
Just remember a poem by Helen Steiner Rice:
God’s love is like an anchor when the angry billows roll, a mooring in the storms of life, a stronghold for the soul. And like a soaring eagle you, too, can rise above, the storms of life around you on the wings of prayer and love…

Terrenal says:

“Lethal injection… is seen as a more humane way of ending a life??”
There’s no humane way of killing anybody.
Most americans are so sick… supporting war and death penalty. None of those are acts of justice… just polite ways of assassination.
You’re the same you’re condemning.

PS: Congrats to Texas! Must be proud of the blood record you’re holding…

sam says:

after reading the comments here I can honestly say that amercians cant spell

also the death penalty is in many countries some of these “third world” countries give there people better quality of life then amercia example Turkey

sam says:

also whats with you people and the bible im certain not everyone in amercia is white and chirstan..i htinks

Maverick says:

A person who commits murder had no right to take another persons life. No-one has the right to take a persons life, including a judge, politician, doctor or whoever. Therefore the death penalty is a breach of human rights. War is killing too. Therefore war should be illegal. End of story.

Incompetent says:

It is mentioned that having a death penalty deters other would-be-murderers. Has it really? I don’t see any evidence to suggest that it does at all. Why wasn’t George Bush Junior, given the death penalty when he declared war on Afghanistan and Iraq? The war is still going and more people and soldiers are dying everyday. In fact why don’t all politicians that were in power and all those who agreed and all those military chiefs etc etc all get the death penalty too. Whilst we are at it why not kill all the people who donated money to poor third world countries because in fact most of the money fell into corrupt officials while the humans still die from lack of clean drinking water, medicines and food. Also the companies that contribute to making weapons too, the bomb and bullet manufacturers, the tank makers, the gun factories. While lets take it a step further, the workers that work in these factories. While we are killing all these people let’s give all those people that make cars the death penalty too, cars can be weapons and they do kill a lot of people. Oh and what about the cigarette and alcohol manufacturers. They kill thousands and thousands every year. Pharmaceutical companies that produce poisonous medicines. Chemical companies with their poisonous and dangerous chemicals they produce. Electricity companies cause electricity kills! Water companies cause people die from drowning. At this rate we would all be dead! Ahh It’s a load of bulls**t the whole death penalty thing.

Caroline says:

Murder is murder –
It does not matter which side of the fence you stood (good or evil) subsequent to the occurrence. They killed then you killed – are you God(s) or are you bedfellows?

Kevin says:

Simply put….. An eye for an eye.

Luke says:

Slipknot puts up a very good arguement: “You cannot kill what you did not create.” So, you ended the life of a murderer. Does this put you at a higher status than a murderer? Does this mean you are clearly superior for “punishing” someone by following their act? A man makes his own decisions in life and at the end of the road, God judges him. Life is God’s test. Do you, who support the Death Penalty, feel that you are doing God’s good work by putting a beautiful creation to death?

olaf says:

Lethal injection is totally humane the prisioner isnt even concious for their death while the person they killed was totally concious and felt every last bit of their death,honestly lethal injection might even be too good for some prisoners because of the crimes they committed, so some people might be getting off way too easy….

georgia-may broad says:

Scott yes the bible does say ‘an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth’ but that was in the old testiment in the new testiment he goes on to say ‘do not repay evil for evil’ ‘do not take revenge but leave room for god’s wrath’ ‘love your enimys and pray for those who persicute you’ ‘blessed are the peacemakeers,, for they will be called sons of god’ ‘thou shalt not kill”love of neighbour’ ‘blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice’ ‘blessed are the merciful for they will have mercy shown them’ the whole arguement for capital punishment. I am not a christian but these are simple teachings that we should take into our own lives. If they stay in prison they are given the chance to reform, Does it make us better than them to end their chance at reforming by terminating there life, no it makes us as bad as them. And there are cases where they have terminated innocent peoples lives, now tell me thats fair. and just to let you know i am 14, perhaps everyone should be more open minded and see any situation is extremely difficult but we shouldnt blame, or judge as we will never know what whent through there minds when they decided to commit the crime.

Anthony says:

You people are fucking sadistic and evil. At last murderer’s often have insanity as an excuse. You people are just sadistic monsters who enjoy thinking about torturing other human beings just for pleasure. Evil inhuman monsters like Stephanie are worse than any murderer.

AJ says:

the death penalty is SHIT and &)% of the people that are killed are innocent!!!!!!!!!!

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