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Vote November 4th–But Read This First!

November 3, 2008

Tomorrow, November 4th, is the moment of truth when the American people will elect either John McCain or Barack Obama to the most powerful office in the United States, and arguably the world.

Scienceline typically covers science-related topics, though our authors do occasionally venture into political territory when the two subjects overlap. If you’re still not sure who to vote for, here’s your chance to learn how the candidates differ on the science issues that matter. Below is a smattering…er…actually, all of the campaign coverage and commentary we’ve posted over the course of this historic campaign.

Dead End on the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research?
Dave Levitan writes about how the Bush Administration froze the NIH budget and waxes positive about a new administration.

John McCain…Tough on Pork,Hard on Grizzlies
Eric R. Olson writes about McCain’s disdain for a project that monitors grizzly bears in Montana.

Change! Hope! Experience! Science?

Stuart Fox worries about a future Palin presidency and tells us where to get the latest candidate positions on science topics.

Voters Care About Science: E=Mc(Cain)2 or Obamamentum=mv?
Adam T. Hadhazy writes about a poll that reveals the core ideological differences between Democrats and Republicans.

When Medical Privacy Hides the Health of Presidential Candidates
Jeremy Hsu reports on the ethics of federal laws that keep the candidate’s medical records secret.

Political Science
Eric R. Olson writes about Physics Today‘s guide to the candidates’ positions.


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