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PODCAST: Worldbuilding pilot

Finding the science hidden in fantasy novels

April 5, 2016
While resurrection is still a fantasy, many of the ideas explored in fantasy worlds are quite scientific. [Image Credit: Mysticartdesign, CC0]

Despite the magical trappings of fantasy, a well-designed world holds at least a smidgen of reality. In order to get at the science that underlies resurrection in Nnedi Okorafor‘s futuristic fantasy “The Book of Phoenix,” this podcast talks to Ramin Rahni, a Ph.D. candidate studying plant regeneration at New York University’s Birnbaum Laboratory.

This podcast pilot is currently stand-alone.


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Dyani Sabin

Dyani Sabin spent her undergraduate career at Oberlin College chasing crayfish through streams, stage-managing musicals, and reading Russian literature. Upon graduating with her biology degree in 2014, she stalled going into research and became the evening supervisor at a library instead. There, she discovered science journalism, and fell in love with exploring the relationship between science and people. Thrilled to be a SHERPie, she loves horseback riding, exclaiming about cool birds, and knitting.



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I love this! I want to hear this turned into an ongoing series somewhere!

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