Does mewing work? A critical view of an internet phenomenon

Check out this review of one of the internet's latest self-improvement trends

January 29, 2020
two people sit in front of a white board with "Mewing (Doesn't involve cat noises)" displayed in the text in front.
The latest internet trend, called "mewing," claims to make you more attractive. But some medical professionals saying it's an over-hyped internet fad. [Credit: MK Manoylov and Corryn Wetzel | CC BY-NC-SA]

Can the position of your tongue change how your face looks?

The internet buzzes with the latest self-improvement trend, called “mewing.” Those who promote mewing say it can have health benefits and even make you more attractive. But some medical professionals are wary, saying it’s no more than an over-hyped internet fad.

What does science say about “mewing?” MK Manoylov and Corryn Wetzel investigate.

Video produced by MK Manoylov and Corryn Wetzel.

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Yon says:

Ive been mewing for 2 years and my friends say i look different. I havent told any of them about mewing.

Hank says:

Why didn’t you guys interview Mike instead of that Youtuber?

sdasdasdad says:

They probably were waiting for the doctors to say it doesnt make sense so they could feel good lol. The thing is if they talk to other docs they will find many that will say it doesnt work. Because they dont understand the theory.

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