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Who says that scientists can't take a joke?

All the journalism that wasn't fit to print. [Image Credit: FreeFoto.com]
By | Posted July 6, 2012
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In contrast to the tirade that I made last week (coupled with a holiday smack in the middle of the week), I decided to take it easy this week and just show something silly. While the humorists working for The Onion might be known most for their quick news briefs or in depth op-eds, there’s more to them than text on a page. Their videos rival the production values of any cable news TV show, making their spot-on delivery of the surreal or mundane seem that much more newsworthy. Here are a couple of science videos worthy of your time.

I guess this is the opposite of companies green-washing their products?

Maybe revealing the Higgs Boson with the font-that-must-not-be-named was a calculated move to get people more excited about it.

Every couple of weeks, a study comes out showing that monkeys are exhibiting human-like personality traits. We may as well take these experiments as far as they can go.

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