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January 22, 2007

Dear Readers,

As a new semester starts at NYU, we here at Scienceline have said goodbye to the class ahead of us and have taken over as your new editorial staff. We’d like to thank the old guard for its hard work, kind and consistent mentorship, and several awfully fun nights out on the town. Scienceline is the brainchild of our founding editors and we hope to respect their creation while adding some new touches of our own.

To that end, please look for some changes coming your way. Most involve making the site a bit more interactive by integrating some multimedia content to enhance our already great print material and rededicating ourselves to keeping our blog current. Scienceline’s content may also shift slightly. While the founding class was focused on the environment and health, our class seems to fancy policy and neuroscience, so look for our stories to have a different flavor.

We are incredibly excited to continue to present you with novel stories you won’t find on other science websites, stories that are unique and uniquely written. This is a valuable opportunity for us, the 25th class of NYU’s Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program, and we are excited to meet the challenge. From flexible electronics, to creationists and global warming, to aerosol prophylactics, we love writing stories and are so happy you enjoy reading them.


Meredith Knight
Editor in Chief

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Cheryl Rusten says:

I’m enjoying this new website as it presents a variety of science information in layperson’s terms. I’m wondering, however, if there is a way to either alert your readers when something new is posted, have something on the homepage that notes there is new content, or if there is a set amount of time we can be sure a story will remain posted. At the moment I am checking most every day–looking through all the headings– and often there is no change from prior days. This gets frustrating! So it would be helpful to know if, say, one could check weekly or twice a week and not miss anything, or if you could take a quick look at the homepage and see “new content in health”. Thanks, and thanks for the site.

Dear Cheryl,

We are so happy you enjoy the site! Scienceline posts new stories on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. We also send out weekly email messages with our top headlines and summaries of our stories. If you’d like to sign up to receive them, please enter your email in the “subscribe” box on the front page of our website. Thanks very much for your comment and please keep visiting us.

Meredith Knight

Shannon says:

Hey!! Love the site!!!! Im on here everyday!!!! (I am such a dork!)♥

Hank Roberts says:

Folks, you need to edit your comment threads, there’s no point in doing this if you just leave them to fill up with garbage posts by bored kids and people just trying to flog their own blogs by posting them everywhere.

If you can cut out the huge amount of chaff from the older threads there are some worth pursuing, like the one on arsenic in chicken feed. Read the responses, think about what’s worth keeping, eh?

Once you’ve done that, it may be possible to try to have conversations about science — and about how to cite sources and know what’s supportable from the literature and what’s faith-belief-based opinion.

Please try. You’re supposedly in the business of teaching how to report on science, health, and the environment.

You also need to teach how to EDIT in these areas.

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