Repeat after me

Chanting may not be an exact science, but it does involve some calculations

June 1, 2011
These students are protesting against fee hikes in California, but it might be how they're protesting that makes the difference. [Image Credit: Rose Eveleth]

Chances are you’ve chanted before. Whether you were in the streets protesting, at church praising, or just in your living room rooting for your favorite team, there’s something about chanting that we just can’t resist. But what is it? And what makes one chant better than another?

Repeat after me by Scienceline

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Rose Eveleth

Rose Eveleth graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in ecology and a minor in writing. She spent the last four years there poking around in labs, studying krill, climbing trees, riding bikes and perfecting her fish doodles. A sucker for being lost in strange places, she recently wandered her way through Costa Rica, Portugal, Tokyo and Bonaire and is excited to take her wandering to the epicenter of strange places, New York City.


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