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Trash Queens Episode 4: Destination: Governor’s Island

How your food scraps are transformed into super soil

February 1, 2017
[Image Credit: Ellen Airhart]

We headed out to Governor’s Island on the last open weekend of its 2016 summer season. There, we hung out with chicken and children, and we watched compost actually being made. It was amazing to see the bags of food scraps collected in the city shipped across the East River to this island farm and made into the deep brown soil we’d been hearing all about. Without further ado, join us on this final journey to see what waste diversion can really do.

The Trash Queens

Video produced by Eleanor Cummins and Ellen Airhart

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Ellen Airhart

Ellen Airhart recently graduated from the University of Texas with degrees in biology and rhetoric and writing. In her undergraduate years, she worked as an office manager, EMT, and finally as the founder and editor of the student newspaper’s science and technology department. While in New York, she plans to run her fifth marathon and visit the Strand Bookstore several hundred times.

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