Is artificial intelligence changing art?

Technology is permeating every part of human life, including art, but what does that mean?

June 10, 2020
A huge collection of QR codes.
Artists are adding code, algorithms and artificial intelligence to their arsenal of tools. [Credit: Photo by Mitya Ivanov via Unsplash]

Alan Turing once said, “We may hope that machines will eventually compete with men in all purely intellectual fields.”

We may not be there yet — machines still cannot create content autonomously or intentionally — but artists across disciplines and media are finding ways to implement new technology in their work. Allison Parrish, for example, writes poetry via programmed algorithms; Annie Dorsen uses machine learning to create theater productions. As artists harness the powers of technology for their art, several essential questions arise. What does it mean to create art with artificial intelligence? Are these techniques truly new? And why do we even need art that uses algorithms? This seven-minute episode will explore these questions, among others. 

Music: Robot Waltz by Ketsa, licensed.

Scienceline · Is artificial intelligence changing art?

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Hannah Seo

Hannah Seo is a science journalist based in New York City and the editor-in-chief of Scienceline. She loves writing about the intersections of science, tech and culture. As an ethnically Korean Canadian raised in Qatar, she also considers herself an international nomad.


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Tom Brown says:

Thank you for this piece. My work is also moving toward ai/algorithmic based imagery. It is supper nice to find others who are doing similar things.

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