LGBTQ pride in the pandemic

How online pride celebrations opened up new possibilities for community and cyberattacks

September 28, 2020
Photo of lgbt rainbow flags against a blue sky
LGBTQ pride events largely occurred over Zoom, Google Meet, and other electronic platforms this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. [Credit: Daniel James | CC BY 4.0]

June felt different this year. The month, usually filled with technicolor LGBTQ Pride celebrations, fell quiet due to coronavirus lockdown measures. 

Many Pride organizers adapted by hosting online Pride events, which allowed queer folks from across the globe to meet while increasing the chance of homophobic cyberattacks. And these attacks did occur. 

This episode of Distanced centers around the unique Pride celebrations of 2020, most held over Zoom, streamed on Facebook Live, or uploaded to YouTube. It centers stories of attendees and organizers. You’ll hear about a night hijacked by internet trolls and how the LGBTQ community can move forward. 

MK Manoylov reported and produced this story.

Music by: Alex Menco, CC0

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