Whether your dream is to become a famous fashion designer, an engineer, or anything in between — you’ll find something to love in this inaugural issue of Scienceline KIDS: When Art Meets Science.

In school, art and science are kept separate. But in real life, they collide all the time. In this special edition of Scienceline, you get to experience these subjects in a whole new way. See how a bowerbird constructs beautiful sculptures to attract a mate; how an artist uses physics and chemistry to create abstract designs; how scientists conserve and restore pieces of the past. And much more! Because in nature and society, art and science are constantly working together.

So go forth, dear reader. The 41st class of SHERP created this magazine just for you, because you are the future of science and art. It was written with young learners in mind, but the whole family can learn something new from these stories—everything from the science of sound to wilderness-inspired art.

Read on to begin the journey of discovery!

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Scienceline KIDS: When Art Meets Science

December 9, 2023

The 41st class of SHERP is thrilled to present this special edition of Scienceline written for readers in grades six through eight


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