December 19, 2019

Cannabis use can harm those with bipolar disorder, a new study finds. But other experts have doubts

April 19, 2019

Smoking before bed might seem like a good way to drift into a more relaxed sleep, but research suggests otherwise

February 27, 2017

Indoor pot farms gulp an astounding amount of energy, motivating growers to move outside

February 15, 2017

Parents want it — and get it — but pediatricians are concerned about giving medical marijuana to kids

February 15, 2016

Yes, marijuana impairs your driving, and no one is sure what to do about it

November 10, 2015

Efforts to rein in synthetic cannabinoid drugs are falling behind

November 4, 2015

The fear of tampered Halloween candy may be unfounded, but you could be getting more than you bargained for

July 29, 2012

The legalization of marijuana is in the air for Washington State


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