Do those Phiten titanium necklaces actually enhance athletic ability and promote healing?

Asks Alex from NYC

October 6, 2008
Can Phiten necklaces make you win a baseball game? Is voodoo real? <br>[Credit Alan Sung]
Can Phiten necklaces make you win a baseball game? Is voodoo real?
[Credit Alan Sung]

With baseball heading toward the World Series and the NFL just getting started, not a day goes by without a televised sporting event. And people watching those games may notice an odd fashion accessory: the Phiten titanium necklace. The necklaces are sported most prominently by Matt Hasselbeck of the Seattle Seahawks, Joba Chamberlain of the New York Yankees and Josh Beckett of the Boston Red Sox, who believe that they enhance their physical and mental abilities. And they probably do, but more for psychological than physiological reasons.

In 1982 Yoshihiro Hirata, an alternative medicine practitioner, founded Phiten, the company that sells his titanium-infused products. The necklaces first gained prominence in Japan, where they are still popular with athletes. According to the company, the necklaces and bracelets work by stabilizing the electric flow that nerves use to communicate actions to the body. “All of the messages in your body travel through electricity, so if you’re tired or just pitched nine innings, the electricity isn’t flowing as smoothly as it can,” said Joe Furuhata, a Phiten spokesman. “Our products smooth out those signals.”

While many sports stars believe the necklaces give them luck, not everyone is convinced. Many doctors and scientists say there is no scientific evidence supporting Phiten’s theory. “There’s no science and physiology,” said Dr. Orrin Sherman, chief of sports medicine at the New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases. “There’s just no way the chemical structure of the body can be influenced by magnets that small. It’s all superstitions with no scientific basis.”

Sherman noted that when people interact with magnets far more powerful than the Phiten necklaces, like the magnets in a CT (computerized tomography) scan machine, for instance, they do not report any of the effects pitchers and quarterbacks say they receive from the necklace.But while the physiology behind the necklaces doesn’t hold up to scientific scrutiny, that doesn’t mean they do not help. Athletes are a superstitious lot. From Craig Biggio, who did not wash his batting helmet for an entire season, to Wade Boggs, who would only eat chicken before games, athletes love all manners of hokum and voodoo. If the players think they are getting an advantage from the necklace and that gives them increased confidence, then they do in fact get a positive boost from the product. “You’ve gotta believe in placebo effect,” said Sherman.

So maybe science shouldn’t stop Hideki Okajima of the Boston Red Sox from wearing three necklaces whenever he takes the mound. Sure, the necklaces don’t actually alter the electric flow in the body, but as any player who has stopped shaving during the playoffs can attest, when you’re winning, you don’t want to change a thing.


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Greg says:

How do we know there’s any titanium in these things anyway?

Greg says:

I have prolapsed discs L5-S1, L4-L5. It is now 6 months since the initial injury. For the first month I couldn’t lift my left leg any more than 1cm off the ground. Whilst this slowly improved, I’d say that i regained about 80-90% mobility, the stiffness and excruciating pain remained. The result of conventional treatment, I got stuck with a codeine addiction. I’ve been wearing the stick-on discs and neclace for a week now and didn’t have to take one pain med. Don’t care if its placebo but it works for me.

no name says:

Its just style to me….. who cares anyway???

jorden says:

Small bits of content which are explained in details, helps me understand the topic,

amused says:

I used to be short and weak and poor and people walked all over me and women ignored me…i i got my phiten necklace and 3 weeks later im 6’3” just received my second raise in as many weeks, women faint when i walk by, i drive a fancy sports car which was given to me by a complete stranger, and im stronger and faster than ive ever been in my life without even working out! could it be the placebo effect or am i just full of it?

liege says:

I was amused by amused above.
Still, i’m planning to try one of these.
My restrictied neck, throbbing headache, and dizzy feeling like i’m having a fever really put me in the place of rushing into anything that might help.

goingpro says:

I was a skeptic too. I’m 53 and past my playing prime. But I bought one of these babies and it’s insane. I’m pretty sure I’m heading to the Bigs any day. Thanks, titanium.

Lisa Lewis says:

I wear one of the titanium braclets cause i heard they help for painn and id try anything for all the pain i got. I think we need to keep our opinions to ourselves if we are going to be nasty to someone, i mean , its only a necklace. If it works for some then thats great! If it dont work for others then thats just they way it is. But it is woking for me, for fybromyalgia, tennis elbow, pain from a fracture in my spine, and i have less headaches. So im glad it works for me. I dont care how it works, i just know it does. thank you, Lisa

SJ says:

im not gonna lie… im the biggest skeptic out there.
didnt buy a phiten but i did purchase something else.
i live in korea and those baseball player just gomcrazy for these
in korea they sell thismthing called lobac-m necklaces made from germanium metal and its actually fda approved. then i bought necklaces that are like phiten but another company called morimota which makes baseball gloves. i wear them both. first i was like… dang i just wanna look like the pros when im playing in my weeknd baseball league… but these seem to work. i tore my labrum few years back and i constantly go thru pain. i dont feel the pain when i wear them. it cant be placebo effect if im skeptical right? either there r cheaper and effective items. phitens are like 130 bucks in korea… too expensive.

joe says:

to all the skeptics out there, i have a neck problem that is work related, i have lost the natural curve that my neck should have, this causes me headaches daily and neck and shoulder tension as one would imagine. i was ready to buy a necklace when the lady at the store said to me, “i would rather you try the patches first, if they give you relief then come back and buy the necklace”, mind you the patches were free! sure ill try them, and guess what, no headaches no neck pain no migrains! is it possible? even i was shocked as i have tried everything. i still have to visit my chiro monthly, but who cares my aches and pains, and sleepless nights are no longer!!!! scientific evidence or not, they work!!! and of course science wouldnt prove them to work, imagine how many drug companies would lose money, alternative medicine and mainstream medicine will never see eye to eye, purely because one works and the other dosent, science cant prove Gods existance, but i can assure you He exists!!!!!! thumbs up to phiten from me!

Doug says:

I was diagnosed with a frozen right shoulder. Had it since April this year, and the pain got worse over the months. Until today I could not access my back pocket, raise my arm above my head, even getting coins out of my jeans coin pocket was a killer.

This morning went to the Phiten shop. They slapped on a demo titanium tape about 2 inches long on my shoulder. Within 3 minutes I could reach my back pocket and raise me arm.

For all those who suffer from Frozen shoulder I would recommend that you give it a try…

I will still continue with my PT as I believe this is a pain reliever and not a cure.

Phi Nine says:

Let me just say that I was a skeptic too until my cousin lent me his Phiten. My shoulder and neck stopped hurting, backaches subsided, knee starting to feel a little better, same went for arthritis in my fingers. Call me superstitious but I think things are even going better in bed. My sense of taste is stronger, I swear food tastes better, if its good food anyway, and I feel smarter too. Women are looking at me more and the police seem to let me get away with speeding a little faster than I used to. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney started emailing me asking me to dinner, and the weather seems warmer. All from Phiten. Bitter know-it-alls, go ahead and suffer living your lives without Phiten. The rest of us will be living good without scientific proof!

want users not losers says:

Doctors used to believe that it wasn’t necessary to wash their hands because they couldn’t see how it would help. We know it sounds like a hoax, this is why we are asking those who have tried this product to tell about their experiences.

“Thoughts on” does not equal “experiences of.” If you don’t have pain, you are not qualified to comment on a pain-relieving product. Equally, if you have not tried this product no one is interested in anything you have to say at all.

I noticed that those who have tried it, mostly say it works; those who haven’t, say it doesn’t. To those who haven’t tried it: Why are you here at all? Don’t you have anything better to do?

Sam says:

Yes there will always be critics and naysayers that only believe in what their doctors tell them. I believe a majority of the health problems today are caused by doctors and drug companies; Have headaches? Take this drug and zone out for the day. Have high cholesterol? Don’t change your diet here’s a new drug that lowers it. Knees and back ache because you’re overweight? Don’t lose weight, take this drug. It never ends. The only thing they know is what the drug companies tell them and what makes money for them. How much money or patients would they have if they only saw them once after prescribing a product that worked with no side effects??

Western medicine and drug companies downplay anything that’s not in their realm of thinking or making money; i.e. chiropractics, acupuncture, hypnosis, vitamins and supplements, Phiten, etc. And when there’s favorable results for the aforementioned their response is always “Where are the scientific studies? Where is the scientific proof??” Have you ever watched a drug commercial and listened to the disclaimer at the end? It’s scary as hell. Their scientific proof is, “the side effects will eventually kill you if it doesn’t make you better…..”

I’ve had chronic neck and shoulder pain from an injury years ago. I’ve probably killed my liver with all the over the counter pain meds and prescribed muscle relaxers before finding chiropractics and acupuncture. I’m now using Phiten products which I’ve worn for the last 6 months. Because of Phiten my neck is no longer stiff and my shoulders don’t ache at night when sleeping. I get a good nights rest and I can workout at the gym pain free and drug free.

Bottom line; if it works and you’re enjoying your life living pain free that’s all that counts.

Chris says:

I am a scientist by trade, formerly a machinist. So I know metal & I know scientific studies. I haven’t seen a study that convinces me of the healing powers of ti, and I used to work in a factory full of it, and certainly wasn’t pain/tension free. After I lost my first wedding ring, I made my wife & I ti rings. After 13 years of wearing it, I have no difference in my hands. It’s not like my left hand glows while the right one is dark, dirty, painful…
That said I just ordered one of these for my kid. Found it cheap online, & it’s her team’s colors, which I find to be the biggest benefit. If the placebo affect helps her play better, that’s good enough for $20. If by some miracle wearing ti actually helps her, well that’s just fabulous. I should have ordered a 2nd one, and cut it open to see how much ti is really in there to begin with. Probably not much.

ok says:

Ok. Why does the human race always want go be so negative. These necklace seem to be inexpensive to buy and use. This is America, we buy stuff we dont need every day,just thonk what you bought today that you didnt really need. If some inventor has an idea and pursues this idea ,puts a patent on it and if pepole like it, buy it, and if for some reasonit makes them believe they have more energy and thrir pain to go away with no side effects.then reagardless if theirs any research. Behind it working, the point is they whete not ripped off because its not expensive, and somehow it makes them believe the pain goes away and feel better. Be open minded and lets see if it wife has bad migraines an no one can figure out why. So im going to buy one, and when she puts it on and if it causes her migraines to go away then it is the best $ 20 i ever spent so i dont have to see my wife crying het heart out. If not back to yhe drawi g board

Sheeple Are Still Yummy says:

To “Want Users Not Losers”,

Will jumping off a cliff onto jagged rocks seriously maim or kill you? No, wait don’t answer that. According you, unless you’ve actually done it you’re incapable of thoughtfully analyzing the situation and coming to an intelligent decision on the question. I’ve never stuck my hand into a pot of boiling water but I’m pretty certain it would be detrimental to my health (and sex life).

I always find it fascinating when skeptics are ridiculed for seeking objective information on any given claim. In this case, the miracle health benefits of Phiten jewelry. Burden of proof is on Phiten, not the skeptics. I believe the whole point of the discussion is Phitens claim oF ACTUAL health benefits that will be gained from a titanium imbued necklace, NOT THE CAPABILITIES OF A PLACEBO EFFECT. Placebo’s have been well studied and documented to produce subjective results, and at times secondary objective results. Again, NOT the point of this discussion. The question is: “Does Phiten produce positive health benefits separate from a placebo effect”?

So far, the answer is no. It’s proven to produce a placebo effect only. You can save yourself the $20 and just smear Grandpas Magic Mud Mask every night to get the same effect. If you believe. BTW, the mud mask works because it alliterated.

And I”m here because it’s fun to watch people get emotional over trivial subjects they have little data on except how they feel about it.

Must be Liberals.

Help In Health says:

to ”amused” Comment Number 206
Dear u r right but there is a big question about magnetic therapy is really worked or not ….i read many books on this and read many research papers but 1 articles i find interesting hope it will help u to understand better ….

Brett says:

I was hit be a car about 10 years ago.
ive lived with mild stabbing neck pain to some degree on a daily basis which is agrevated by working with computers and never really gotten better.

my friend brought me the necklace from overseas. i didnt want to tell her i though it was a waste of money. but i put it on and with in seconds my stabbing neck pain was gone. Seconds.

Dont know about the science. dont know about the tests. but i do know it worked for me. i havent had pain for the past 2 weeks. ( the longest ive been without someform of neck pain is 2 days) and that was a one of 1.5 years ago. )
i have heard there are cheep knockoffs that only look like the phiten brand. as with anything in life you get what you pay for. so if your going to buy make sure your seller is reputable. well thats my 3 cents.
i highly recommend phiten. ifs its a placebo then its the best placebo on the planet. results count.

David Clark says:

I have been suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis for 10 years and it forced me into early retirement as a tile setter. I’m an out-patient at the VA with the standard RA medicine of Humara shots every 2 weeks and Methotrexate and tons of pain meds. Every morning when I wake up it takes me an hour just sitting before I can get motivated and loosened up. I haven’t told anyone of the vast improvement since I have been wearing the Phiten titanium necklace for fear of being ridiculed to my face so I will tell my story here. This damn thing works, don’t know how I know nothing of titanium or magnets or whatever else comes out of middle eastern alternative medicines but just wait until my next RA exam and let my Rheumatologist explain my increased range of motion in both arms. Not sure of a placebo effect either because I wasn’t even thinking of an improvement until it happened on the third day when I woke up. Not saying you will have the same results but for me I will swear by them and without all the chemicals doctors here want to pump into you

Nuke Laloosh says:

A woman’s garter belt has the power to channel one’s shakras into positive athletic prowess. That and breathing through one’s eyelids.

Rose in the front!

Heather Laszlo says:

years ago I twisted my knee while hiking. now that I got into massage therapy and have to be much more flexible, it started to bother me. I had one of the necklaces that I had purchased just because I liked the look of it, but had never worn it. then I saw all of the baseball players that were wearing them. I found out why and thought that I should give it a try since I had one. well, I wore it for a week and my knee pains went away. then I quit wearing it and the pain returned the very next day. if it is only a “placebo” I do not care. it keeps me away from is any surgeries, prescriptions or any other unnecessary medical bills. all I can say is, “it works for me!”

google says:

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social networks!

Ted Newhook says:

I have been using the Phiten Products for about8 years and if I were not getting relief I would not be on this site. I am 70 years old and play on an Amateur Golf Tour and several time we play 36 in a day and I have NO PAIN. I have had total knee replacement and this product give me total pain free play without introducing and drug. If you have any pain it is well worth the few dollars to enjoy every round. I play an average of 3 time a week and rep a club company at Demo Days

Ted Newhook
Tour Director

Justeazy says:

I have a little personal experience as to why I don’t believe these work. I was walking my mall and they were doing a “demonstration” where anyone in the crowd was allowed to challenge and be “proven” wrong. The most common way was a “resistance test” as they called it, where one would be told to stand firm as they were firmly pushed at the shoulder. Most would stumble or tilt, then after dawning these “miracle cure” necklaces and armbands, they would be pushed and sway far less, and many who tried claimed that they felt stronger as they did it. Many others were allowed forward and claimed to have been relieved of cramped muscles, headaches, etc. with the product.

I have always been a skeptic of “miracle cures”, a-la tapeworms as diet pills, heroin as acne treatment, Coca-Cola as cough syrup, and Leaches as nausea medicine (which most often caused infections, although sterilized leaches are used today by many to success).

So, when it came my turn, I stepped forward with a challenge. I offered to do the “resistance test”, I proffered to do it FIRST with the product on, and second without it. The rep who I was dealing with (a cocky, large man who I think actually believed in the product) smirked at me and called me a “fool” under his breath, but proceeded with my challenge. When I stood my ground better the second push, without the product, I started to explain how preparedness and experience from the first one is what really does it, and not the product, when the manager (I believe, an older man in a suit, at least) pulled me aside and offered me a $100 bill to shut up and walk away. I took the money and comfort in the fact that that was all the proof that these are based on the placebo effect and generic scientific principals rather than real science.

To those they help, I will not judge. Whatever the REAL reason you are improving, it doesn’t matter, as the healthier and happier lifestyle are what’s really important. But to any who seek to see “scientific evidence”, the simple fact is that there is no actual (positive) scientific evidence supporting these types of products. In fact, if you ask them, they legally have to confirm such as that “This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

My 2¢.

placebo says:

i found them on amazon for under 4$ so i am gonna try. this is a ridiculous argument between way too many people. my take is, it works for some people. there is your study. People that insist it doesn’t work, haven’t tried it. pretty bad argument. I have not tried it yet, but i got 3 1 for me my bro and dad. i’ll know for myself and so will they. either way i’m still wearing it simply because my SF giants are. Go Giants!!! and to the haters, we all have our down moments, never say die.

You’re so awesome! I do not think I’ve read through something like this before.
So good to find somebody with a few genuine thoughts on this subject.
Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that is required on the web, someone
with a little originality!

Marc says:

I never believed it either until one day after suffering headaches for 3 months I tried one, and honestly I have not had a reocurrence headache in a month, I really believe in there product and will promote it every chance I get.

Thank you Phiten for your products.

Excellent publish, very informative. I ponder why the other experts of this sector don’t realize this. You must proceed your writing. I’m confident, you have a huge readers’ base already!|What’s Going down i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have discovered It absolutely useful and it has aided me out loads. I am hoping to contribute & help other customers like its helped me. Great job.

Michael says:

Hey, I love the phiten necklaces ive sworn by them for a while now. its definitely worth it. check out the aticle i wrote about them

Ethan Chew says:

I have indirectly come across this product for sometime ago, i actually doesn’t believe in such product since I have purchase 2 set of qlink product more than 7 years ago it cost me some money then, qlink only work to drain all my energy away consistently during the day and during my sleep. I just can’t take it anymore so I get fed up with such product.
About a year ago I had this back pain that is so bad I need to get injection in the hospital and go for acupuncture treatment 2 times per week in Hong Kong hospital that do cost me. Yet the pain still there and I had try massage treatment and stress management but non of this work! At some extent my wife felt frustrated as I do too. I taught I am going to live with it until I was in a business trip to Japan, and I saw this product in airport so I just pick it up and start put it on. This is my 1 month period I have place it on and guess what my back pain is gone!
I wrote this for a reason that’s phiten work for me! It cost me 1 accupanture treatment to purchase this. Save me cost and pain away! Why not?
I guess for those already in healthy stage you won’t felt anything at all but those in pain will have some kind of effect.
I felt much fresh each day and felt energetic during the day. This is fact!

Regina says:

It works!!!!! It is not placebo! I have suffered chronic back pain for two years. I have tried Chiro, pain meds, TENS unit, muscle relaxers and steriod pain shots. Non of these things have helped! This necklace has reduced my pain. My lower back is warm to the touch and i overall feel the warmth from the increased blood circulation. I am in awe of this product! It works and i was extremly skeptical at first. I will wear this Phiten titanium necklace forever! Feel less tense, warm, alot less pain and stiffness. Not one episide of Sciatica ir muscle spasm since wearing it! Unbelieveable, amazing product and cost me less than 1 physical therapy co-pay! Try it! It may help u too!

engrallandgreatest says:

I bought my second phiten, before I was using x3 after my brother lost my phiten necklace from a 70.3 ironman race while swimming (he borrowed mine although he has his own x30 necklace for extra power as we both believe). I bought another one but this time x50. I even bought another product which is the phiten compression shorts. I always wear my phiten necklace when I’m training and on a triathlon race and when I feel tired and weak even in the office. I feel incomplete and not on my prime when I don’t wear my necklace. And also for me, phiten is like an indication of a person wearing it to either be athletic or adventurer (something like that), that is why I love wearing it always, well that’s my belief.

Michael says:

I read that the placebo affect works at the rate of 30% and prayer works at a 20% rate. But I would like to try this product since either way it could work.

link says:

Why viewers still use to read news papers when in
this technological world everything is available on net?

Antony says:

Found this article while looking up how to work Titanium. If as Austin claims that the Phiten technology emits low levels of ionizing radiation, DO NOT WEAR IT! Ionizing radiation is what kills people. Even if it’s low grade, prolonged exposure is still toxic to your body. Anyone with half a brain would know this. If it works as Austin claims, then it works by damaging neurons that transmit pain signals.

This is not surprising because hampers or more commonly known as gift basketys are usuaply
sent out during Christmas time. Wicker was used as it was stuirdy whilst providing good ventilation for itss contents.
What they look for and appreciate silently is loove and affection.

Allan Tan says:

In the 70s, no one would have believed such a thing as email.In 80s, no one would have believed such a thing as SMS or mobile phone. In the 90s, no one would have believed in 4K TVs. Today, phiten is not believed. Hopefully we live to see what happens 20 years’ time…

Milo says:

I am a PhD biostatistician and I have spent lifetime doing research on establishing whether a given treatment (e.g. a drug, or Phiten bracelet etc.) has a statistically significant effect on treatment recipients. There are well established scientific procedures to perform such verification. It would be relatively very simple and inexpensive perform statistical test of Phiten efficacy – such as a double blind clinical trial. The fact that the manufacturer did not perform such test and did not publish corresponding results in peer reviewed scientific literature means that the claims must be taken with a large grain of doubt.

After having said that, I must admit that I have been wearing many Phiten products almost every day for more than fifteen years, including compression socks, knee braces, shirts, underwear etc. because I have advanced degenerative arthritis in all of my body. Does it help? Who cares when I am in constant pain and did NOT find anything better (I have tried hundreds of other products). And I wear a Phiten necklace because it looks cool.

I have also a bad news. I regularly travel to US and Japan to purchase Phiten products. Unfortunately it appears that Phiten in both countries drifts towards bankruptcy.

Trevor says:

It’s amazing the things that stupid people believe.

Rosemaryp says:

Nowadays people are turning more and more to everything natural and there is a solution to healing that is almost as old as time itself – Natural Baltic Amber.

Lil Bigoaty says:

I was exposed to developers and Freons when I was younger, and now have Peripheral nerve damage that often causes unusual sensations such as burning, numbness, weakness, loss of balance, and tremor like humming throughout my body. The humming usually starts in the hands feet and face and last anywhere from 1 minute to 20 minutes at a time. Day or night, in a courthouse or relaxing on a beach somewhere. In conclusion; I received this Phiten necklace as a gift. My symptoms occur 95% less often. I don’t really care why, Just sayin’ :)

william says:

I suffered severe impinged nerve pain in my neck for years from sports injuries… I tried everything but the pain continued to plague me.. I purchased a Phiten necklace this year.. The pain is now completely gone. Placebo??? or superstition??? doubt it. Former college athlete and Rodeo cowboy and personal trainer? yes. Most of the time I forget I am wearing it.. I’m by far not on the lower educated population with three degrees.This product is trendy and cool if nothing else.. I just wish I could get a necklace with Texas Rangers colors.

Thank you Phiten. Rock on!

Jason says:

I recently strained my throwing arm and was devastated that I couldn’t throw for 2 weeks without pain flaring through my shoulder. I tried stretches and everything possible but it never completely went away. My dad suggested I start wearing my phiten again (I had stopped because I just got tired of necklaces and they were annoying. Within 3 hours of putting it on the pain was gone. Maybe it’s superstition and my body thinks it helps, or maybe it does work. But you can’t say it’s fake and doesn’t work just because it’s not super effective for you. I wear it daily now and my arm hasn’t bothered me since. So I’m just saying that everyone saying it’s all fake, it works for me and professionals so it’s obviously effective.

stephanie says:

I went to the beach on vacation and saw my titanium necklace in a gift shop.My back hurt all the time. I had a 7 hour trip back home, and wearing the new
necklace…no pain. I ordered 3 more today.

Pauly says:

I don’t expect anyone to believe anything about these products. I’m primarily a skeptic myself and often chalk up fanciful results to the placebo effect, or more often than not, that an individual has an unrelated relief due to something else they have tried to alleviate pain/discomfort. Now that we have that disclaimer out of the way………I fully believe in certain components of these products. I don’t buy in to some things, such as balance or super healing properties, etc. I truly think the Titanium product has lengthened my career. I shattered the wrist end of my Radius (forearm) bone when I was 17 years old. I had a difficult recovery, as the end of my wrist was essentially turned into oatmeal. It remained sore and stiff for quite some time, and working in a physical profession where much stress is placed upon the wrist and hand on a daily basis, I basically had no relief. I tried a Phiten S-type bracelet, although not truly thinking it would help much. At this point I simply did it on a whim. Surprisingly to myself, I found that the tiredness of my wrist after my daily activities, as well as my aching, were greatly diminished. This was well over 10 years ago, and I continue to have good results from the constant wear of the product, into my 19th year of my profession. I do not buy in to any sort of mysticism or hocus pocus. I just think this thing really works, at least in my case. As always, your mileage may vary.

Alex Lee says:

I don’t care whether if it’s placebo or not.
But it worked for me and my brother.

However, my second bro experienced some sort of side effect so he stopped wearing it. (Uncomfortable stomach)
3 brothers, 2 worked 1 didn’t. Not so bad for the price.

Craig Foster says:

Those who are interested should see my article in Skeptical Inquirer. We review the science behind the Phiten necklaces and examined them in a classroom experiment.

Phil Chan says:

I had painful left shoulder as Dr said that i may have my neck bone pressing on my nerve. i started to use Phiten Metal Necklace for 3 days, and the pain has dropped 80%. I am a Pharmacist andt I stopped my pain killer too. Very Strange. I must say that I wore it even when sleep except shower.

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