Sea of Red: Speaking out Against Dolphin Hunting

Armed with science, psychology professor Diana Reiss struggles to end dolphin drive hunting. Warning: video contains graphic images of animal cruelty.

January 20, 2009

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J says:

dolphin hunting is horrible

Marcia McPhail says:

Great film – Had problems with the film footage . Kept stopping.
I watched The Cove…Must be stopped..

PLEASE MAKE this video available/downloadable in HD. It would help ultra current Taiji support and turnout … this is the most believable and sensible proof of poor/absent morality of dolphin slaughter practices for the thinking person. Not your everyday sensational appeal …sensible. Diana truly realizes dolphins nature as she backs her feelings with thoughtful (cognitive) sciences. I wish I could hear her speak to an audience of behavioral scientists…or watch her establish rapport with a smart dolphin wearing that bright red lipstick …smart! (she wearing lpstk…not dolphin!)

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