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Listen to recordings collected by NASA's spacecraft

July 22, 2011
If you stuck your ear out the window of the space ship you wouldn't hear anything. In fact, you'd probably die. But recording devices on the ship can turn electromagnetic waves into sounds you can hear. [Image Credit: blueforce4116 , Flickr]

This week we’re listening to sounds in space. Before you all go berserk, I know there’s no sound in space. I saw Alien, or at least the previews: “In space, no one can hear you scream.” But NASA’s got tons of recordings of space sounds, and in this¬†podcast¬†we listen to some of them, tell you how they’re recorded, and why they’re really cool.

Space Sounds by Scienceline

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Rose Eveleth

Rose Eveleth graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in ecology and a minor in writing. She spent the last four years there poking around in labs, studying krill, climbing trees, riding bikes and perfecting her fish doodles. A sucker for being lost in strange places, she recently wandered her way through Costa Rica, Portugal, Tokyo and Bonaire and is excited to take her wandering to the epicenter of strange places, New York City.


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