AUDIO: What’s it like to float in sensory deprivation?

Alexandra Ossola has an intimate experience with her own mind, in the name of science.

April 4, 2014
Sometimes, a dip in the water can bring on deep self-reflection. [Image Credit: Flickr user Steve Grosbois]

Sensory deprivation is a more intense form of meditation. A person puts herself in a tub of dense, body-temperature water for hours on end, depriving herself of all sensory stimulation in the hopes of reaching a more tranquil mental state. Alexandra Ossola tries it for the first time, and walks us through her experience in this audio piece, which originally aired on WNYU’s The Doppler Effect.


About the Author

Alexandra Ossola

Alexandra (Alex) Ossola earned her B.A. from Hamilton College with a concentration in Comparative Literature. Since graduating, she has served as a tutor and mentor with City Year in Washington, D.C. as well as planned and led high school travel programs to Latin America with Putney Student Travel. After dabbling in many different fields, she, like most curious people, was drawn to science. A lifelong lover of good communication, Alex writes about things she finds interesting, with topics that range widely.


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