Hey gang, crystals will not cure your cancer

It turns out that the best medicine is medicine

September 21, 2017
Missing from this picture: a licensed medical professional. [Image credit: Pixabay / kaboompics | CC0 1.0]

“Use amethyst for calming effects.” Okay, fine. “Peridot helps with lethargy and Angelite will give you peace.” Sure, whatever. “Rub a garnet for fertility.” Hang on, you’re losing me here. “Treat your cancer with opal and hematite” Woah woah woah, what?!

Those are some of the many crystal prescriptions listed on the website for Aura Shop, a Los Angeles-based marketplace for crystals that they claim have healing powers. The idea is that crystals can heal people by pairing with our chakras — centers of spiritual energy within our bodies according to the Hindu and Buddhist mythos — and “balancing vibrational energies within the body.” And for the low, low price of 200 dollars per hour, they can help you too.

“It’s bullshit,” geologist Emily Nicholson says in regard to people’s belief that minerals have healing abilities. “Rocks are rocks. Doesn’t mean they’re not pretty though. I myself enjoy minerals and rocks and jewelry, but nothing more.”

According to a 2013 research article published in Medical Anthropology, accounts of crystals being used for medical and spiritual purposes date back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. And with the recent controversy surrounding Gwenyth Paltrow’s debunked and dangerous Goop products, the idea has persisted.

Unfortunately, that same article describes at length how crystal healing procedures are performances. Important performances to the people who find meaning in them, perhaps, but performances all the same, not medical procedures. In fact, the paper cites crystal healers saying that the crystals themselves are accessories for the shamanistic healer, who must improvise to convince the client that they “are good at being a healer.”

This can create an authentic, meditative moment for people who seek out such spiritual encounters, concludes the article, but in fact it does not rid them of any disease.

Some of the troubling, inert recommendations for people facing very real problems and diseases. Cancer, HIV, AIDS and addiction will not go away after crystal therapy. [Image Credit: Content from Aura Shop]

“People will always believe what they want to hear,” Nicholson says.

A 2010 study titled “Mystical stones in oncology: crystal healing power or perfect nonsense” that was published in Trace Elements & Electrolytes describes how every analyzed case of people being allegedly healed by crystals is entirely a result of the placebo effect, in which actual physiological changes occur in our body based on our expectations.

There is no direct harm in people seeking out magical rocks to help them focus or improve their clarity, but all placebos aside, there’s no good in it either. And for serious conditions like cancer, HIV, heart attacks, addictions, and Alzheimer’s Disease — all of which are maladies that can be cured with crystals according to the Aura Shop — telling people that some random mineral will heal them is straight up dangerous.

In that Trace Elements & Electrolytes paper on crystals and the placebo effect, the scientists who conducted the research provided a strongly worded statement on their goal to prevent their patients “from wasting hope, time and money in an ineffective treatment.” Pursuing crystal-based treatment instead of real medicine would postpone any form of effective treatment and put people in danger.

There are many reasons to be skeptical about pharmaceuticals, but those reasons should be more related to the amount of money and corruption within large corporations and the FDA’s inability to enforce its own regulations. They should not have anything to do with Aura Shop’s ludicrous assertion that crystals are “alive in the sense that they have energy, they are growing and they have DNA.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, a representative from Aura Shop politely refused to provide a comment for this story, as did a representative of Vibrational Energy Medicine, another company that offers crystal and stone therapies.

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[the] “ludicrous assertion that crystals are “alive in the sense that they have energy, they are growing and they have DNA.” “Woah woah woah, what?!”

Beyond the oxidizing energy that can grow layers, some microbial, on the surface of crystals, gravitational forces embed piezo-electricty in crystals as they grow.

DNA itself is a crystalline structure, that grows other crystalline structures, like our bones, and life is not limited to DNA. Schrödinger’s aperiodic crystals, as holding the blueprints of life, not only inspired the discovery of DNA… but is still unfolding new ‘blueprints’:

Dr. Robert M. Hazen, Life’s Rocky Start (NOVA Doc)

The later covers zircon crystals as the oldest evidence of life on earth. And its quite possible ‘biocrystals’ are interplanetary seeds of life.

S. says:

Wow, this article is just as empty and meaningless as so many spiritual by-passing presented by so many articles about crystals out there. Even worse, actually, since its supposed to be scientifically based, yet only cites a single research paper, written 2006, which may as well be the Dark Ages when you’re talking science.

Ryan Galli says:

Im sending you love my friend. you need to see that your negativity and your ignorance on this subject are un called for. I just went to my energy healer and she used source to heal me. Im lung cancer free now. have science explain that. she fixed my last concussion too. Ive had ten and they are bad and last at least a month. I was fine three days later. You have to see that the mineral depleted soils “they” grow our food in brings down your energy, same with alcohol, drugs and junk food. you cant connect to God when your energy is so low. we need to fix the food system, we need to re establish our connection with God and Mother Earth ( our parents too) and we need to research and understand why our ancestors used crystals and herbs the way the did. Look at Moses when he crossed the desert. All this people ate were Blue green algae and Ormus. why isn’t this more well know. super high in nutrition and minerals. also the use of Myrrh oil.. mentioned 138 times in the bible but every where online says don’t ingest it. but you can find it and it is scienticialy proven to fight cancer. maybe open your eyes to the oppression of all this from the negative powers pushing their agenda. theres so much magic out there and we are made to believe this all started from nothing and millions of years of evolution do some more research before you write more negativity articles like this
sending you love man.

Thank you for spreading the truth about these very dangerous pseudo “beliefs”.

Jai says:

No one ever claimed that crystals “cure” anything.
Why are you so close-minded to people finding comfort in things during cancer treatments?
Denying others that which may lift their peace of mind and heal their spirit during such a horrific live event shows your true colors.
The great thing is – there are more us that live compassionately than people that walk through their life asleep.

Ben Dover says:

Wait. So, you’re saying that since 1 store in the whole world said one thing that automatically means that everyone who sells crystals are in agreement? That’s very assuming of you.
Nobody I have ever come in contact with for crystals have ever said anything remotely close to that.
Imagine one day you go into work in a great mood and it’s immediately destroyed by stress and frustration because your boss is in a pissy mood. That’s called energy. Every thing has energy. Even though you don’t see it, it’s there. You have it. Your family each have it. Your house has it. We absorb all of these energies. We give out our own energy as well. Just like people, crystals have their own individual energy.
My husband is a Reiki practitioner and was recently diagnosed with skin cancer. Did they protect him? Nope. Did they cure him? Of course not. Because nobody says they do(except one place). But, we’d rather turn to the proper crystal that helps with anxiety and depression than some prescriptions that will cause more side effects that will need more medication. Crystals are not a cure. They are holistic aid. You don’t have to believe in it. Just because you don’t, doesn’t mean that it’s fake.
Maybe you should try some black tourmaline to get rid of that negative energy you have.
Peace be with you.

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