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February 18, 2010

Obama administration hopes high risk, high reward energy science brings revolutionary returns

January 8, 2010

New circuits tap into electric currents generated by bigleaf maple trees

December 8, 2009

Battery technology must improve before electrics can compete with gas-guzzlers

November 18, 2009

Study Shows Promising Chemical Hydrogen Storage System Can Be Recycled

October 30, 2009

Human infrastructure associated with oil field development gives some species an advantage over others.

October 24, 2009

Though thought to be saviors in the fossil fuel crisis, biofuels, too, can cause environmental suffering.

July 20, 2009

Solar thermal energy, or “solar hot water,” may not get much hype, but don’t count it out of the renewable energy equation.

May 16, 2009

Vehicles could get a boost in gas mileage from GenShock, a shock absorber developed by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

April 1, 2009

Google launches software designed to help homeowners reduce electricity consumption.

March 30, 2009

Adding the right kind of bacteria, scientists find, can boost plant growth on poor quality soil.

February 24, 2009

Eco-conscious gyms allow members to spin calories into electricity.

January 26, 2009

On Monday, President Barack Obama followed through on a campaign promise to begin tightening standards for the automotive industry. He signed a memorandum instructing the Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider […]

January 6, 2009

I’d already been sitting on the train for 18 hours when we pulled out of Denver, heading west. As we slowed to navigate the turns and tunnels of the Rockies, […]

January 1, 2009

Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, reported November 3 that they have created a “near perfect” solar panel. The solar panel has a special coating that captures 96.7 […]

December 12, 2008

A New York City company is converting the East River’s tidal currents into electricity.


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