VIDEO: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

What a divisive food argument can teach us about psychology

January 31, 2016
Yes? No? Maybe so? [Image credit: Greg Uyeno]

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Maybe the answer seems obvious to you, but it’s the subject of popular debate. In this video, Scienceline takes a deep breath and tackles a bigger question: Why do we care? Guided by Marjorie Rhodes, a psychologist at New York University, let’s dive into why categories matter.

Video produced by Meghan Bartels and Greg Uyeno.

About the Author

Greg Uyeno

Greg Uyeno was born and raised in the penumbra of the University of California, Berkeley, from which he received a B.A. in cognitive science with an emphasis in linguistics. Since transplanted to New York, he’s taken to local pastimes, like speed walking and standing around waiting. Greg also enjoys home cooking, playing ‘ukulele, and doing things with words.


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