January 6, 2023

In a study, adolescents who slept less at night and napped during the day saw cognitive gains. But experts urge caution in rescheduling sleep

November 17, 2021

A bendable memory chip that runs on low power is opening new possibilities

February 7, 2020

Neuroscientists come one step closer to understanding what it takes to retain a youthful brain and mind

May 12, 2015

Why memory shouldn’t be a lost art

April 17, 2014

MIT researchers’ feature tuning algorithm can make your profile photo more memorable

March 15, 2012

I wind my way down through the spandrels and tendons of the Upper West Side, one Sunday morning. I bank east through Central Park, seeing almost no one. The streets […]

December 1, 2011

Why our memories don't hold up in court

March 19, 2010

Scientists struggle to explain the mind in terms of the molecule

January 29, 2010

Research suggests we remember better when we’re in survival mode

November 16, 2009

Your brain may remember something, even when you can’t

June 26, 2009

PTSD strikes women twice as hard

December 3, 2008

At first glance – or puff – marijuana might seem like a less-than-ideal candidate for boosting memory. But if you’re an aging lab rat at the Ohio State University department […]

October 22, 2008

Phony memories of bad food experiences may help dieters trim calories.

September 17, 2008

Earlier diagnosis and treatment to keep the debilitating disease at bay will help families and victims prepare for the inevitable.


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