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Resilience and rebirth on display at the Ukrainian Museum

Manhattan’s East Village is home to a neighborhood known as “Little Ukraine.” We sought to learn more about Ukrainian culture by visiting the neighborhood’s central museum

July 27, 2022
A photograph from inside the Ukrainian Museum; a white-and-red traditional Ukrainian dress stands in the middle, flanked by other Ukrainian artwork hanging on the walls.
The Ukrainian Museum showcases a mix of folk art and fine art. The museum has been in the East Village since 1976, and at its current location since 2005. [Credit: Daniel Leonard]

Since February, the Eastern European nation of Ukraine has been in the global spotlight due to Russia’s ongoing invasion of the country. Most media attention has focused on the bloodshed and destruction within the country’s borders, as well as reactions to the crisis around the globe. But we wanted to take a step back and learn more about Ukraine itself, especially Ukrainian culture.

Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood is home to thousands of Ukrainian immigrants and their descendants; a region of the neighborhood has been dubbed “Little Ukraine” as a result. At the center of Little Ukraine is the decades-old Ukrainian Museum, which showcases a variety of artworks made by Ukrainians at home and abroad. Exhibit pieces include traditional dresses, expressionist paintings and “pysanky,” Ukrainian colored eggs.

Join Scienceline’s Daniel Leonard as he learns about art and folklore at the Ukrainian Museum — and see how many trees of life you can spot.

Moonlight Night – Ukrainian Folksong by JuliusH | Pixabay license

Photograph #1 of Mikhail Turovksy by Pavel Terekhov | Source | Fair use
Photograph #2 of Mikhail Turovksy by Art Alliance – Elegant New York | Source | Fair use

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Madeline Leonard says:

Beautiful art. I’m glad Ukrainian families have an area in NY to preserve their culture.

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