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January 20, 2009

Trailblazing our knowledge of aquatic minds, Diana Reiss uses science to fight for dolphin welfare.

January 19, 2009

One fish’s evolution raises questions about what constitutes a species.

December 22, 2008

The U.S. Navy, environmental groups and the U.S. Supreme Court fight to balance national and whale security.

December 16, 2008

Clarinet with whale songs: click to listen Distorted clarinet riffs filled the air. Then howls, hauntingly low and distant, syncopated by short squeals accompanied them. The duet was no experimental […]

November 28, 2008

An Oklahoma scientist chases down the secrets of Alaskan sled dog endurance.

November 7, 2008

A cooler ocean is feeding hungry salmon, but their ultimate survival remains uncertain.

November 5, 2008

One ugly insect overturns assumptions about the best mate.

October 31, 2008

How a little luck—and a large extinction—aided dinosaurs’ dominance.

October 24, 2008

A new technique finds tropical birds sing duets to locate mates—and to guard their territories.

September 30, 2008

At last Friday’s presidential debate Senator John McCain made the following statement, railing against earmarks for pork-barrel spending: “You know, we spent $3 million to study the DNA of bears […]

September 24, 2008

Earlier this month, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick asked the federal government to declare a commercial fishery failure in his state. More than 600,000 acres of shellfishing areas were closed from […]

September 10, 2008

How volunteers and scientists are fighting an uphill battle to bring the mollusk back to the city’s waters.

June 4, 2008

Neil Shubin's new book explores the intersection of developmental biology, paleontology and genetics.

May 23, 2008

A lizard family tree offers clues to the balance between reproduction and survival.


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