April 10, 2020

New research explores the risks of being late to sleep and late to rise

January 30, 2017

Higher taxes on sugary drinks could reduce obesity globally, but non-financial alternatives might work too

December 27, 2015

Lower levels of fat hormone may increase motivation to exercise

November 5, 2015

Irregular sleep could be a factor in adolescent obesity

October 15, 2015

100 percent fruit juices aren’t as healthy as you thought

January 21, 2015

The device uses electric pulses to suppress hunger to help obese adults who have had difficulty losing weight independently

January 9, 2015

Scientists have competing ideas for why gastric bypass patients show higher rates of alcohol abuse post-surgery

December 1, 2014

Microbiologist Martin Blaser hopes to restore good microbes to our guts, but will the public take his message too far?

July 18, 2014

Their “Think Fish” campaign aims to refresh an outdated, unhealthy model — but can it be saved?

November 1, 2013

Researchers discover circadian rhythm’s role in fasting

October 28, 2011

Why doctors often fail to address weight issues with patients


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