March 21, 2022

Jennifer Francis was one of the first climate scientists to connect a warmer Arctic with severe winter weather further south

November 3, 2021

As many evacuated, reconnaissance teams rushed into the storm’s path to collect information that could save lives

January 6, 2021

Meteorologists are starting to talk about climate change

September 2, 2020

In the midst of a pandemic, an artist and former physicist still works to represent endangered landscapes

September 13, 2017

Meet the mighty Madden-Julian Oscillation

June 20, 2016

Levees and floodplain development are increasing flood damage in Missouri

June 20, 2016

And modeling what they may do next

March 30, 2016

A new element created from destruction

March 16, 2016

The top solar states are not necessarily the sunniest

February 29, 2016

Scientists repurpose drones for environmental research

December 29, 2015

Scientists expect greenhouse gases to cause a historic dry period in the Great Plains this century

December 6, 2015

Artist’s new book explores human experience of weather

April 13, 2015

A chemist flies through smoke plumes to better understand global warming

October 11, 2012

Climate adaptation in Arizona comes with tradeoffs, study says

March 21, 2012

These threatened species are unexpectedly surviving, even harnessing, global warming


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